Edgar Allen Poe- Sam #37

  • Poe was Born

    Poe was Born
    Egar Poe was born in Boston on Jan. 19th, 1809. He only lived with His Mother who was an actress. Poe didn't live with his Father because he was an Alcoholic.
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    Edgar Allen Poe's Life

  • Poe's Birth Mother Dies

    Poe's Birth Mother Dies
    When Poe was 3 years old he saw his mother die in by TB.
  • Poe Gets Adopted

    Poe Gets Adopted
    Poe was never formaly adopted, but his foster parents loved him like he was their own. Poe's relationship with his foster father was unstable. Poe's foster father Jhon Allen had motion swings and would often leave home. Poe's relationship with his foster mother was always loving and caring.
  • Poe's Foster Mother Dies

    Poe's Foster Mother Dies
    Poe's beloved foster mother dies from the tarible curse of TB.
  • Jhon Allen Poe Dies

    Jhon Allen Poe Dies
    The man that adopted poe dies from TB.
  • Poe Gets Maried

    Poe Gets Maried
    Poe gets maried to Virginia Eliza Clemm his 13 year old cousin. Virgina truly loved Poe, and Poe truly loved Virgina. They where together for 10 years until Virgina passed away.
  • Poe Publishes The Tell Tail Heart

    Poe Publishes The Tell Tail Heart
    Poe's work pays off by publishing the Tell Tail Heart on this date.
  • The Ravian is Published

    The Ravian is Published
    Poes hard work has payed off by the making of "the Ravian". This was a poem for Virgina
  • Poe's Wife Dies

    Poe's Wife Dies
    Poe's wife Virginia Eliza died from TB. Poe's beloved wife also dies at the same age as his birth mother.
  • Poe Died

    Poe Died
    Edgar Allen Poe a righter often known as the "Father of the Modern Detective Story" died from a mysterious death. On October 7, 1849 Edgar Allen Poe was found delerious on the street. A person saw Poe and brought him to the Washington Collage Hospital. That Morning Poe dies from an unknown illness. Their are many theries about Poe's death, some of the theries include Alcohal Poisoning, TB and even Rabies.