Edgar allan poe

Edgar Alan Poe via Sydney H. 5

  • Birth of Edgar Allan Poe

    Birth of Edgar Allan Poe
    Edgars’ Father saw his mother acting and fell in love. He later quit his job and became an actor too. Together they had three children Henry, Edgar, and Rosalie. He was born in Boston Massachusetts.
  • Period: to

    THe life of Edgar Allan Poe

    Edgar Allan Poe Lived a long tragic life filled with romance, Heartbreak, and loss. He had his good times to though like many do and is now very famous for his storys of dark mysteries And own of hias best storys The Raven.
  • David Poe deserted his Family

    In 1810 David Poe deserted his family because he and his wife fought so much. He never met his whole family again (specific date unknown except for that its was in 1810).
  • Eliza Arnold Hopkins Poe dies

    Eliza Arnold Hopkins Poe dies
    Edgars Mother Eliza Poe died from tuberculosis a bacterial infection that can spread through the lymph nodes and bloodstream to any organ in your body; it is most often found in the lungs. Most people who are exposed to it never develop symptoms because the bacteria can live in an in the body without notice, but if the immune system weakens. The bacteria can become active. In their active state, bacteria cause death of tissue in the organs they infect This was common back in 1800's.
  • Moving with the new family

    Moving with the new family
    Edgar Allan Poe, Frances Allan and John Allan All moved to Great Britain. This was for his adoptive fathers business of being a tobacco merchant and it took the 34 days to get there.
  • The engagemenrt

    The engagemenrt
    In 1825 Edgar Allan Poe and his Neighbor Sarah Elmira Royster Fell in love and got engaged. She later on marries someone else though. (Specific month and day unknown)
  • University of Virginia

    University of Virginia
    To get a good education Edgar Allan Poe went to the university, but later on had to leave because his foster father wouldn’t give him the necessary funding to attend. (specific date unknown)
  • Books

    In 1827 (no specific date) Edgar Allan Poe published his first book. It was called 'Tamerlane and Other Poems'. It is so rare that it is thought to be the "holy grail" of American literature collectibles.
  • Death to a Mother

    Death to a Mother
    Frances Allan dies in February of 1829 in Baltimore, Maryland. Poe receives a ten day leave from the army to see her.
  • Moving with new family

    Moving with new family
    In 1831 Edgar Moved in with his aunt Maria Clemm and younger cousin Virginia Clemm in Baltimore. He did this because he was low on money that his father usually gives him, but supposedly forgot.
  • Marriage

    Edgar married his 13 year old cousin Virginia Clemm when he was 27. The married each other at the court house in Richmond, Virginia, but had to lie about her age and said she was 21 otherwise they wouldn’t allow it.
  • Moving again

    Moving again
    Edgar with his new wife and aunt moved to New York where Edgar Allan Poe hoped to be more of a success.
  • A Fake Story to Remember

    A Fake Story to Remember
    While in New York Poe wrote story’s for the New York Sun and he came up with the clever idea to write a story about a man that crossed the Atlantic in three day and that was very fast in the 1800's, but then he also added the man did it in a flying machine, Poe worded it so carefully that people thought it was true. Later on thought he revealed that was in fact fake.
  • The Raven

    The Raven
    In New York Poe published the story 'The Raven'. He was paid $15 for it, but was terrified it would ruin his reputation.
  • The death of a wife

    The death of a wife
    Virginia Clemm Poe died in New York at the age of 24. Just like his biological mother she died from tuberculosis a disease that can slowly destroy the lungs.
  • Forgoten love

    Forgoten love
    Back in Richmond, Virginia Edgar finds his old childhood sweetheart Elmira Royster. He wishes to remarry her and the get reengaged.
  • Death

    While on his way to meet Elmira Royster was found in Baltimore on the streets intoxicated. Poe couldn’t handle alcohol very well. For several mays Poe was sick and mad on October 7th the Poet died.