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  • Birth of a Prodigy

    Edgar Allan Poe was born into the family of David Poe and Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins Poe, in Boston, Massachusetts. He had an older brother, William Poe, and his parents were traveling actors.
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    Life of Edgar Allan Poe

  • Edgar Allan Poe's First Tragedy

    Prior to Elizabeth's death by Tuberculosis, David Poe developed drinking problems and ran away. John and Frances Allan, who were Elizabeth's close friends, adopted Edgar. Elizabeth's death was very traumatic for Edgar Allan Poe, and it influenced many of his later works in poetry.
  • Manor House Boarding School

    Manor House Boarding School
    The Allans moved to London, England and enrolled Edgar into Manor House Boarding School sometime in September of 1815. Edgar excelled in school and had the best education. He could speak French and translate easy Latin. Also, he was most advanced in history and literature, and was very athletic.
  • Back to Virginia

    Back to Virginia
    John and Frances Allan struggled financially in London, so they decided to move back to Virginia, cutting Edgar's Manor House education short. However, John Allan enrolled Edgar into the University of Virginia, but did not give him any money.
  • Expulsion from the University

    Sometime in February of 1827, Edgar Allan Poe was expelled from the University of Virginia. He was expelled because of drinking and gambling habits, and he was deep in debt because John Allan indignantly refused to give him money.
  • Regimental Sergeant Major and Published Author

    Regimental Sergeant Major and Published Author
    After returning to Boston, Massachusetts, Edgar Allan Poe enlisted in the U.S. Army as Edgar Perry. He went up the ranks quickly and was soon given the title Regimental Sergeant Major Perry. Also, he published his first book of short stories and poems called "Tamerlane and Other Poems by a Bostonian" which recieved barely any attention.
  • Death of a Foster Mother

    Death of a Foster Mother
    Frances Allan, Edgar Allan Poe's beloved foster mother dies of tuberculosis in Richmond, Virginia. Her death agonized Edgar deeply, and she was his second mother to die from tuberculosis. After her death he wished to leave the military.
  • West Point Academy

    West Point Academy
    Edgar Allan Poe is enrolled in West Point Military Academy by his reluctant foster father. He excelled in his studies, and pulished another book "Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane and Minor Poems."
  • West Point Drop Out

    Sometime in February of 1831, Edgar Allan Poe was kicked out of West Point Academy. He was tired of the military, so he skipped classes. Then, he got court marshalled and is dismissed. After that, Edgar decides to pursue his career as a writer.
  • Marriage to a Cousin

    Marriage to a Cousin
    Edgar Allan Poe Marries his cousin, Virginia Clemm, who was only 13 years old at the time. They loved each other despite family bonds, and there wasn't a happier couple in Baltimore.
  • Southern Literacy Messenger

    Southern Literacy Messenger
    Edgar Allan Poe moves to Baltimore, Maryland sometime in Novemeber 1895 to live with his aunt, Mrs. Clemm. He then gets a job to work for the Southern Literacy Messenger to support himself and his new family, and to publish his own works in the paper.
  • Birth of the Modern Detective Story

    Birth of the Modern Detective Story
    Some time in the March of 1841, Edgar Allan Poe, while working in Philadelphia, published a short story called "Murders in the Rue Morgue." It was the first detective story ever written, and it influenced Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "Sherlock Holmes."
  • A Tragic Foreshadow

    In the December of 1842, while in Richmond Virginia, Virginia Clemm Poe coughs up blood while singing, which was a sign of tuberculosis. Edgar then realizes that he will have to face the death of another loved one by tuberculosis.
  • Flight of the Raven

    Flight of the Raven
    In the January of 1845, Edgar Allan Poe writes the poem "The Raven" and publishes it in the New York Mirror, in New York City. He becomes famous over night, and he wrote it because he foreshadowed what he would be like after Virginia died.
  • Death of Virginia

    Death of Virginia
    Virginia dies of tuberculosis in New York, and Edgar spiraled down to drug abuse and alcoholism. He also stated that when she died, a part of him withered.
  • A Failed Engagement

    A Failed Engagement
    In October of 1848, Edagr Allan Poe propoesd to Sarah Helen Whitman, a poet, in a cemetary in Virginia. Sarah told him that she would only agree if he gave up alcohol, so he refused.
  • Engagement 2.0

    Engagement 2.0
    Edgar Allan Poe engages his childhood sweetheart, Elmira Shelton in July 1849. They got engaged in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • "Nevermore"

    Edgar Allan Poe mysteriously dies on October 7, 1849 in Baltimore, Maryland. He disappeared for four days, but then was found unconcious in a gutter. He was taken in to the hospital and died after saying "God help my poor soul."