Edgar Allan Poe

  • Edgar's Birth

    Edgar Poe is born on January 19, in Boston.
  • Poe's family seperation

    Edgar's parents separate. Elizabeth Poe takes the children.
  • Mother dies, Edgar adopted.

    Edgar's mother, Elizabeth dies.
    Mr. and Mrs. John Allan adopt Edgar Poe.
  • School in England

    Edgar Allan goes to school in England.
  • Back to US

    Edgar returns to the United States and continues his schooling.
  • Success in athletics

    Edgar attends the academy of William Burke, succeeds in athletics.
  • John inherits a fortune

    John Allan inherits a fortune when his uncle dies.
  • University of Virginia

    Edgar attends the University of Virginia, goes by "Edgar Poe".
  • Edgar is broke, write a book

    Poe drops out of school because John Allan won't give him any money.
    Poe writes and prints his first book, "Tamerlane and other Poems".
    Poe can't support himself so he joins the United States Army.
  • Edgar gets promoted

    Edgar Poe does well in the Army, attains rank of sergeant major.
  • Foster Mother dies/Foster father and Edgar reconcile, Foster father supports Edgar

    Mrs. Allan dies, Edgar returns home.
    Poe and John Allan temporarily reconcile their differences.
    Poe applies to West Point, John Allan sponsors him.
  • Kicked out

    Poe deliberately gets kicked out of West Point.
  • Dissappointment

    Poe submits a number of stories to magazines. They are rejected.
  • Foster Father ignorance

    Poe sends a desperate letter to John Allan asking for help, and is ignored.
  • Foster Father ignorance

    John Allan dies and leaves Edgar nothing in his will.
  • Hope

    Poe wins a contest for "The Manuscript Found in a Bottle".
    Because of the contest, Poe finally gets a job.
  • Young Marriage

    Edgar Poe marries his cousin Virginia in May. She is 13.
  • Ligeia

    Poe writes "Ligeia".
  • Writes books and receives no money

    Poe writes "The Fall of the House of Usher".
    "Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque", Poe's first volume of short
    stories, is published. He receives no money from the publisher.
  • Writes a book

    Poe writes "The Murders in the Rue Morgue".
  • Piano Incidence

    Virginia Poe breaks a blood-vessel while playing the piano.
  • Prize

    Poe wins a hundred dollar prize for "The Gold Bug".
  • Back to NYC/People got deceived/Writes a book

    Poe moves back to New York City.
    Thousands were deceived by Poe's story, "The Balloon Hoax".
    Poe writes "The Purloined Letter".
  • Famous poem/hardships

    Poe writes "The Raven".
    Poe was working 14 hour days but still couldn't make a living.
  • Writes a book/Sues

    Poe writes "The Philosophy of Composition".
    Poe sues another paper for libel and wins. The suit is settled for $225.00.
  • Toberculosis

    Poe's wife, Virginia, dies from tuberculosis on January 30.
  • Writes a book

    Poe writes "The Poetic Principle".
  • Leaves NYC

    June 30 - Poe leaves NYC and visits John Sartain in Philadelphia.
  • Richmond

    July 13 - Poe goes to Richmond and stays at the Swan Tavern Hotel.
  • Join "SOT"

    Poe joins the "Sons of Temperance" in an effort to stop drinking.
  • Lecture

    Poe lectures on "The Poetic Principle".
  • Leaves Richmond

    Sept 27 - Poe leaves Richmond and goes back to Philadelphia.
  • wrong train

    Sept 30 - Poe apparently gets on the wrong train and goes to Baltimore.
  • Half conscious

    Oct 3 - Poe is found half conscious and is taken to a hospital.
  • Edgar's Death

    Edgar Allan Poe dies on October 7, 1849.