Edgar title

Edgar Allen Poe

  • born

    Edgar was born january 19, 1809.He is the son of eliza poe.She raised him and his siblings alone, because their father ran out on them and never returned.
  • Period: to

    edgar allen poe

  • parents death

    parents death
    At the age of three Edgar became sad and depressed. His father had already left.In the same year his mother passed away, so he was left alone. A year later he was sent off to a foster family.
  • The Allens

     The Allens
    In the year of 1814, Edgar met his foster famity the "Allens." His foster father John Allen and his wife were in charge now. John Allen changed Edgars' future from that day on.
  • Poem writing

    Poem writing
    Edgars Career started here leading to all of his books,short stories, and poems.This is what made him famous to this day.A few of them were "The Raven, Eureka, Berenice, and Ligeia."
  • Education

    Edgar Allen Poe decied that he wanted to go to the university of Virginia.He loved school but John Allen didn't.Edgar and John had arguments about the school.Then Edgar was having trouble with the funds.
  • Joined the Army

    Joined the Army
    On May 26, 1827 Edgar made a tough decision. He had made a decision to join the army.He wanted to go to Westpoint and was accepted in 1830.
  • First book

    First book
    His first book "Tamerlane and Other Poems" was published by Edgar in july of 1827. It was a book of poetry with an assortment of many poems.This was Edgars' first accomplishment of his career.
  • al aaraaf

    al aaraaf
    Al Aaraaf was a story book of poems Poe had wrote about 3 years after he was kicked from college. It is just a story with two parts to it. Somtimes it is included with tamberlane and minor poems.
  • Tamberlane and minor poems

    Tamberlane and minor poems
    Tamberlane and Minor Poems was sometimes mixed with Al Aaraaf. It is a mixture of Poes short storys and poems. It also has Tamberlane in it which Poe has put in other works of his.
  • Discharged

    Edgar after serving a 4 year term he was kick from the army.He told his sergent his actual age and other info.His Segernt had to discharge him from the army.
  • Manuscript found in a bottle

    Manuscript found in a bottle
    Manuscript in a Bottle is a short story by Poe in 1833. It's about a man lost at sea.As he nears his death he writes a message of his story at sea, places it in a bottle and tosses it into the sea.
  • Hello Baltimore

    Hello Baltimore
    Edgar got a job working at baltimore magizine.This is were he has published some of his great works.He wrote poems and short stories for baltimore.
  • Berenice

    Berenice was a short horror story by Poe about teeth. It was first published in 1835. The story follows a man named Egaeus who is about to marry his first cousin.
  • Maried

    Edgar was secretly inguaged to his first cousin.Virginia who was only 13 years of age. He was 27 years old when he was engauged to her.
  • Ligeia

    Ligeia was first published on September 18, 1838. It was published in a magazine by two of Poes friends. It was about a beautiful lady, Ligeia,the narrator and she marry. She becomes ill and later passes away. Then the man remarries to Rowena who becomes ill and dies. She then transforms into Ligeia.
  • The fall of the house of usher

    The fall of the house of usher
    Poe had "The Fall of the House of Usher" published in 1839. It was another short horror story by Poe. It also contained with in it a poem called "The Haunted Palace."
  • The Raven

    The Raven
    Edgar wrote The Raven in 1845 and it was one of his most famous poems. It was about a raven who spoke to and taunted a man of his late lost love, Lenore. the raven kept repeating, Nevermore.
  • wife died

    wife died
    She died on january 30,1847.She died of a disease called tuberculosis. She was diagnosed with it about a month before.
  • Eureka

    Edgar Allen Poe wrote Eureka in 1848. It was a long non-fiction story. It was about the material and spiritual universe. Poe thought that it was his best work.
  • Death

    Edgar allen poe died on october 7. That at was the end of his writing days.He waa at age 40 when he parished.His wife virginia died in 1847.