Life of Poe

  • Born to David and Eliza Poe

    This is the same year Abraham Lincoln was born and the same year James Madison came into office.
  • Poe's birth mother dies

    Poe is orphaned and soon taken in by another family. Later that month, Richmond theater is burned to the ground and a slave saves over ten people.
  • Moves to England with Allan family

    Poe moves into his foster family. His adoptive mother is very fond of him but Poe's adoptive is indifferent towards him. This is the same year that Napoleon is defeated at Waterloo.
  • Enrolls in University of Virginia

    Poe attends the newly founded University of Virginia. He studies art and literature. Poe entertains his classmates and friends with spoken word poetry as well as drawing in his dorm room. Three years later the Monroe Doctrine is issued.
  • Poe gets engaged

    Poe is secretly engaged to his first wife named Sarah Elmira Royster. The same year that the Erie Canal was opened. John Quincy Adams is also elected into office.
  • Financial troubles

    Poe's adoptive father neglected Poe once his mother died. John Allan did not offer him any money and Poe resulted in gambling to make an income. He became heavily in debt. Same year that Thomas Jefferson dies.
  • Army

    Poe has many disagreements with his father and eventually leaves for Boston to enlist in the army. Due to his debts, Poe enlists under a fake name. Same year that Beethoven dies.
  • Promotion

    Poe is trasnferred to another base in Virginia. He is also promoted Sergeant Major and he is then discharged from the army in March. This is the same year that Andrew Jackson took office.
  • Meeting Helen

    Poe moves into his aunt's house in Baltimore and meets her eight year old daughter. He falls in love with her over time. This is the same year that Nat Turner's insurrection occurred.
  • Literary Prize

    Poe wins a literary prize for MS. Found in a Bottle and is published in Baltimore Saturday Visitor.
  • Father Issues

    John Allan passes away and on his death bed, he was absolutely disgusted with the fact that Poe was there. Allan treated his illegitimate children much better than Poe.
  • Editorial Critique

    Poe joins the editorial critique staff at Richmon's Southern Literary Messenger. John Marshall passes away the same year.
  • Marries Virginia

    Poe marries his 13 year old cousin in Richmond after his aunt threatened to send her away. Poe wrote a very emotional letter to his aunt pleading now to take Virginia away from him. This is the same year that the Battle of the Alamo occurred.
  • Resignation

    Poe retires from the Messenger and moves to New York. The same year that Victoria becomes Queen of England and Martin Van Buren becomes president.
  • Novel Published

    Poe moves to Philadelphia and publishes his first novel, "The Narrative of Gordon Pym".
  • Scientific Textbook

    Poe publishes The Conchologists First Book as well as becoming an assisstant editor of Gentlemen's Magazine. Charles Darwin writes about the H.M.S Beagle.
  • Leaves Gentlemen's Magazine

    Poe has disagreements with the head of the magazine publication and he leaves. He also publishes "The Fall of the House of Usher."
  • New Editor Job

    Poe becomes editor of Graham's Magazine. William Henry Harrison and JohnTyler become president.
  • New Published Stories

    Poe publishes three new stories including, “The Pit and the Pendulum” “The Masque of the Red Death” “The Mystery of Marie Rogêt”. The Potato Famine begins in Ireland.
  • Publishes New Stories

    Poe publishes even more stories “The Tell-Tale Heart”, “The Gold Bug”, “The Black Cat”. Poe also writes a critical essay called "The Rationale of Verse." This is the same year that the telegraph line was created.
  • The Raven

    Poe publishes The Raven, a dark story about a talking raven that visits him while he is grieving over the loss of his lover. This is also the beginning of the Mexican War and Florida and Texas eventually become part of the United States.
  • International Fame

    Poe moves to Fordham, New York. He publishes a couple more stories and another critical essay. During this time, his early works become translated in France, giving him critical fame.
  • Death and Sickness

    Poe's wife, Virginia, dies of tuberculosis and this cause Poe to fall ill due to grief. The Mormon community establish Salt Lake City, Utah during the same year.
  • Big Crowds

    Poe reads another critical essay to a crowd of 1,800 people. He also publishes one philosophical essay and poem. During this time, Karl Marx writes The Communist Manifesto.
  • Second Marriage

    Poe goes back to Richmond, Virginia and gets engaged to his second wife, Sarah Elmira. He does not stay long because he returns to New York shortly after. Then he appears to be delirious in Baltimore, Maryland. Poe does on October 7th. This is around the same time that the California Gold Rush begins and Zachary Tayler takes office.