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Edgar Allan Poe Timeline

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    Poe's life

    Edgar Allan Poe's Life
  • Poe's Parents Die

    Elizabeth and David Poes both die of Tuberculosis withing days of each other. Edgar was adopted by John and Frances Allan. (Shmoop)
  • Poes Gets Secretly Engaged

    Poe gets secretly engaged to Sarah Elmira Royster one year before enrolling in the University of Virginia. (Poe Museum)
  • Poe goes to College

    Poe enrolls at the University of Virginia at the age of Seventeen. (Shmoop)
  • Leaving the Allans

    Poe ran into a $2,000 gambling debt in college and had a disagreement about it with his step-father John. (Shmoop)
  • A Soldier and Published Author

    Poe lies about his age, and enrolls in the U.S. Army as Edgar A. Perry, the Same day his first book, Tamerlane and Other Poems, was published. The authir's name on the book was only titled, a Bostonian. (Shmoop) Poe was such an important addition to American Literature becuase he made people want to read again. His Unique Style drew his readers in.
  • Poe is Transferred

    Poe is transferred to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Months later, he publishes his second book of poetry, Al Araaf, Tamerlan and Minor Poems. (Poe Museum)
  • Poe gets discharged

    Poe gets tired of being in the military and accomplishes to get himself kicked out. During this time he is creating many nore poems and short stories. (Poe Museum)
  • Poe moves to Richmond

    Poe's short story, Hans Pfaal, was published in the "Southern Literary Messenger" in Richmond. He later moves to Richmond to be part of the Messenger's editorial staff. He also starts dating his thirteen year old cousin Virginia Clemm and brings her to Richmond with him. The next year, they get married. (Poe Museum)
  • Poe's New Job

    Poe gets a new job editing for a magazine, Burton's Gentleman's Magazine, which two years later was sold to George Graham and turned into Graham's Magazine. (Poe Museum)
  • Poe Gets Another Editing Job

    Poe gets an editing job at the "New York Evening Mirror." A year later he publishes a poem "The Raven" in the Journal and it becomes wildly successful. Because of his new fame Poe buys an already in debt company called the "Broadway Journal." It failed a year later. (Poe Museum)
  • Poe's End

    Two years earlier, (1847) Virginia dies and Poe fall ill later on. On September 27, he left Richmond for New York. Mysteriously, he was found delirious in Baltimore on October 3, 1849. Four days later, he was found unconscious in a Baltimore Gutter. He was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead. (Shmoop) Edgar Allan Poe was a great American Poet and writer. He created new genres of writing and got the American people back into reading.
  • Poe's Grave

    Poe was buried in an unmarked grave when gossip finally led to a new stone being ordered. On the way to Baltimore, the stone was lost in a train wreck. (enotes)