Edgar Allan Poe The Man Behind the Macabre

  • Edgar Allan Poe Born

  • Poe's Father Left

    His father left him and his mother when he was 1 years old.
  • Getting Foster Parents.

    Mr. Allan rised young Poe and Mrs. Allan also rised him and took care of him.
  • His Mother Died

    His mother died at age 24 and Poe was only 3.
  • His first love died

    His first love died of brain cancer when he was 15.
  • StepMother died

    Early 1829 his step mom died of T.B.
  • Trying to get his cousin to stay

    He wrote a letter saying 'please let her stay, she is the only person I had left' he was so in love with her.
  • He though of his cousin as many things

    He though of her as a cousin, sister, and wifey all at once.
  • Poe's Wife Gets T.B

    Poe and his wife grew closer everyday and then one day....
    They was playing the paino and his wife coughed and blood was on her lips and he knew what that meant.
  • Poe wrote a book called 'The Red Death'

    1842 he made a book called The Red Death.
    When Poe wrote the book The Red Death he had already lost his mother,step mother, and brother all because of T.B.
  • Poe's Wife Was Dying/She died

    Poe's wife was slowy dying.
    He kept watching her get better and worst and better and wrost.
    She died in Jan. 30, 1847.
  • He was found dead...

    In Oct. 3, 1849 Poe dissapeared for severl days and in Oct. 7, 1849 he was found dead on the street.
  • Death

    It is not known what caused his death,but his alcoholism probably had something to do with it.