economic 100 year timeline

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    Econmics 100 year timeline

  • Carneige sells Carneige steel

    Carneige sells his steel comapny for a profit of 225 million
  • Wright Brothers take flight

    On this day the Wright brothers had their first succesful flight and the first plane to ever take off
  • Model T

    On this day ford relaesed the model t car
  • World war 1

    world war 1 Begins in Europe.
  • U.S. in world war 1

    The United States of America decides to enter World war one on this date.
  • It ends

    WW1 comes to an end!
  • Hitler

    Hitler gets sentences to jail.

    Hitler attempted to sell a lot of beer but fails
  • Crash!

    The stock market crashes.
  • FDR elected pres.

    Fdr is elected president and suggest his new idea of the New Deal.
  • Hitler President

    Hindenburg dies and Hitler elects himself president.
  • WW2

    WW2 starts in europe
  • France Surrenders

    France surrenders to germany in world war two
  • Hitler and the U.S.

    hitler declares war on the untied states and we now get involved in world war two
  • America invades

    americans decide to invade North Africa at this point.
  • d-day

    This when the untied states allies invade Europe.
  • FDR

  • War in Korea

    The Korean war starts, North Korea invades south.
  • 22 amendment

    The 22nd amendment was passed prohibiting a president from doing more than 2 terms.
  • US helps south Vietnam

    the united states begins to help South Vietnams econmoy
  • Soviets and space

    The soviet union launches dogs and mice into space and brings them back alive.
  • U.S. in vietnam

    the united states increases its activity in vietnam.
  • Kennedy Assasinated!

    JFK shot and killed by Oswald
  • MLK

    MLK assasinated
  • Women generals

    Nixon appoints 2 women generals
  • 26th amendment

    The 26th amendment passed and the voting age is now lowered to the age of 18
  • Vietnam ends!

    The vietnam war ends and nixon also resigns
  • US breaks ties with Iran

    US breaks diplomatic ties that they had with Iran
  • Second launch

    the US sends out their second succesful launch to space and for the second time we land on the moon
  • Supreme court and women

    the supreme court must admit women now
  • Supreme court and death row

    the supreme court limits death row now
  • scores killed by terrorists

    scores killed by a bomb planted in a car by terrorists, the explosion was a block long.
  • Impeachment

    The supreme court opens up the case to try to impeach bill clinton
  • Wary investors bring stock plunge

    beginning of the end of the Internet stock boom
  • Katrina

    Katrina forms over the bahamas
  • President Obama presents to Congress his 2011 budget of $3.8 trillion and his 10-year budget plan

    The budget includes a $1.6 trillion deficit in the next fiscal year, which begins in October, and then steadily declines over the following 10 years