earth is put in its place by scientists

  • 150

    ptolemy developed the geocentric solar system model with the earth in the center and the starson the celestial sphere around the solar system

    He developed the geocentric model of the solar system
  • May 1, 1530

    nicholas copernicus agreed the system aristarchus devised or the heliocentric solar sytem

  • Jan 1, 1539

    nicholas copernicus published book on the heliocentric solar system

  • Jun 18, 1543

    nicholas copernicus pass away peacefully

  • Jun 18, 1543

    heliocentric book was pubished

  • used the telescope to make detailed observations of the solar system

  • galileo saw the galilean moons of jupiter

  • Copernicus' book came on the list of forbidden books of the church

  • galileo put on house arresst after the church condemned him

  • galileo passed away peacefully

  • newton discovered about the laws of plantetary movement found by kempler in thyco brahe's data and proved it

  • kempler's laws were found to be only approxamate by newton

  • newton devised another 3 law of motions to add with kempler's

  • galileo given a reprieve by the church