Earth 2100

  • Lucy Born

    Lucy Born
    Lucy, whom is the main character of the story.
  • Period: to

    Earth 2100

  • Recycle

    Lucy's family starts to rewcycle and so does the goverment.
  • Wter runs out in Tuscan City.

    Waterrun out in Tuscan City and now has to be delivered by truck.
  • Year of the Dragonflies

    Dragon flies infest the US
  • Vatican City and and Gas Prices rise

    Vatican City and and Gas Prices rise
    Vatican City goes Solar power and the gas prices soar upward.
  • Moving

    Family moves to Miami and Lucy is six years old.
  • Food prices Rise

  • Temperature Rises

  • Gas robbery and violence

    Gas robbery and violence
  • Huge storm

    People start to leave and evacuate.
  • After the Storm

    People effectedd by the storm hve to live together in refugee homes.
  • Food Crisis

    Droughts happen alot more often thn usual. Glaciers that were used as water resevoirs are now gone.
  • Water runs low.

    Water runs out in Tuscan City and has to be delivered by tt=rucks.
  • Huge Migration

    Huge Migration
    Millions of people move toward Europe and the US.
  • Family moves to New York

    Family moves to New York
    The family frive through Las Vegas wich i now abandoned
  • The big Green Apple!!!

    The big Green Apple!!!
    New York becomes a self-sustaing city.
  • Sea barrier

    The huge sea barier is almost complete and it will be testd in a few months time.
  • Atmosphere releif

    The temperature rise even more with all the methane in te air and jets spay sulfur dioxide into the ir to cool things down.
  • Flood

    A huge flood hits the city. It breaks through the gates. Everyone is told to evacuate and a new virus breaks out.
  • Aftermath

    Lucy is all alone and walks north to find her daughter and grd son.