Early u.s. History

Timeline created by AdrianOnt
  • 1,620 BCE

    1620 - Plimath Rock

    A goop lands at a rock.The may flower. Desegregated with the church. Trend to first thanks giving.They wanted to stay.They cooperated by helping the native.They tote them to go fishing,billed,and hunt. Palimath rock ended bad not good.A bunch of people died by germs.The used fish for shoyole in sand.
  • 1350

    1350 black death

  • 1450

    1450 Slave trade

  • 1480

    1480 Ottoempir

    The ottempier shut down the silk road.They wear wool in the 1480's.
  • 1488

    1488 Dais

    Working for Portugal.
  • 1498

    1498 DA Gama

    He sales around the ends.
  • 1501

    1501 Amerigo Vespucci

    Aerogo Vespucci was fitting with span.
  • 1513

    1513 Ponce de Leo'n

    Ponce de Lo'en was pore.
  • 1535

    1535 Cartier

    He is a Finch explorer who salad across the Santlues river.
  • 1565

    1565 St. Augustine

    Spain establish the first permanent town in the u.s.a. it was the first European.
  • 1585 Roanoke

    England jumps in.Sends ships .The ship shows up and they leav.
  • 1587 Roanoke [2ed] try

    England sales.Sends letter back.
  • 1590 john whit

    John whit reternd back to Roanoke. John whit got slavery Bende
  • 1607 James town

    First English in the world. Lochinvar lend,mounting,bay marsh.shelter Case ll town wood fort.Also you can trade ignore and trade. Thar were lots of gold laying around .England was pore .Rich was stealing from the pore. You-can eat sassafras. Weat gores well in Iowa. Tabasco sells good in England. James town is like the beginning of america.Smith is a gentleman.They eat dead corps.James town is impotent.James town is impotent. Tabasco saved James town.
  • 1609 Hudson

    Hudson seals throw the Newyourk river.
  • 1619 Africans brute to James town

    20 Africans were brute over to be a servant.
  • 1624 New Hamster dam

  • 1638 Sweeten

    Swedish colonist start a new colony near president day
  • 1681 Pennsylvania

    William Penn Quakes starts a colony
  • 1700 Population about 275,000

  • 1720 Population in colonies 475,000

  • 1732 Georgia

    Georgia is stared and it was the last of 13 colonies to be stared.
  • 1754 French and Indian war

    War against Britain.France makes deal with natives.France supports natives.
  • 1760 population [1.5mil]

    ship lodes of people.They are selling Tabasco to get rich. Relijust freedom.and more land.
  • 1763 End of French and Indian war

    France lost. Give up all of there calmed territory.
  • 1763 Proclamation Act

    Law that no colonists cold live west of the Appalachian mounts.
  • 1764 The sugar Act

    New tax on all molasses. Thes taxes helped pay for the war.
  • 1765 The Quartering Act

    Law passed that forced citizens to house military.
  • 1765 Stamp Act

    Tax on any legal document.Also on newspapers,Playing cards,dice.Taxes to cover the cost of the war.
  • 1767 The Townsend Act

    Tax on all imported good paint,glass,lead tea.New Added tax.
  • 1768 British Troops go to Boston

    4,000 soldiers are sent to Boston to police the colonists.Taxation without representation.
  • 1770 Boston Massacre

    Group of colonists protesting soldier fire on the protesting 5 were killed. Krazzy
  • 1773 Tea Act

    Law that took away all others except tea tax.
  • 1773 Boston tea party

    Colonists board this ship with tea from England.
  • 1774 First Continental congress

    Group of leaders from all 13 colonies Philadelphia pa.What to do?They agreed to the idea of SOLIDARITY.
  • 17775 Lexington and concord

    First battle in Revolutionary war.The British know the concord is styling guns.The British has spys. The baritash are coming to take there guns. Concris does not like England
  • 1776 The Declaration of independence

    July 4,1776 is the birthday of the U.S.A.
  • 1781 Battle of Yorktown

    The last battle of the revolutionary war.The patreats won the war.
  • 1783 Treaty of pairs

    Document snide by us Britain agreeing that colonies were free. Britain lost war.All claims to land out to Mississippi river belong to us.
  • 1787 Constitution is writ ton

    Congress rites the rolls.
  • 1789 Constitution is ratified

    Gorge Washingtonian was the first presetent.
  • 1789 First presidential election

    All 13 stats agree to this document.Ti means Approved.