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Early classroom

  • early classroom

    Had its primary roots in English culture. If students from the lower classes attended svhool at all, it was at the elementary level for the purpose of studying an essentialist cirriculum of reading, writing, and computation and receiving religious instruction.
  • Boston Latin College

    A school was found to provide a pre college education for new country's the school is Boston Latin College.
  • Harvard College was established

    Teaching and grammar was very important at Harvard college.
  • Massachusetts act

    First school law in the colonies.
  • the court revised the law

    The court revised the law reminding two leaders that the children is of singular behoof and benefit to any common wealth" and masters were still" too indulgent and negligent of thrir duty.
  • The NEW England primer.

    Reading Lessons were based on the bible, various religious catechisms, and the new England primer.
  • The first schools for African Americans.

    Elias Neau started the first schools for african americans.
  • Benjamin Franklin's Academy

    Benjamin designed and promoted the philadelphia Academy, a private secondary school, which opened in the 1700.
  • The good Education

    The good education of youth has been esteemed by wise men in all ages , as the surest foundation of happiness both of private families and of common wealths.
  • Louisiana

    Louisiana became a royal colony of france in 1731 but the french were disappointed with were disappointed with the small income produced in the colony.
  • The Intellectual property and communications omnibus Reform ACT1999

    contains a number of technical amendments relating to the vessel to the design protection ACT, which chapter13 of title17.
  • Library and the national Library of spain

    King juan carlos I Of spain and queen sofia, in a Great Hall cermony.