Early childhood education history timeline

  • John Comenius

    John believed that early experiences formed what a child would be like. Today they still believe that the earlier children begean learning the better.
  • Period: to

    John Locke

    John believed that every child is a blank tablet and that they learned from experiences with family and teachers. Today schools believe in children getting there education starting at the very begining of their lives through experiences and their environment.
  • Johann Pestalozzi

    Johann believed that the mother could best teach children. Today there are books that are to help parents teach their children.
  • John Dewey

    John Dewey Believed in childrens interests from the basis of the curriculum and child centered education. He emphasized that childrens interest before subject matter which is where child centered curriculum and child centered schools came from.
  • Jean Piaget

    Jean believed that children are little scientist and literally develop their own intelligence. Which is where the constructivist classroom came from. The ocnstructivist classroom gives children a place where they can learn on their own with guidence from a teacher.
  • Erik Erikson

    Erik believed that life i a series of eight stages with each stage representing a critical period in social development. Most cases of school violence today is caused from children feeling unappreciated and lacking social skills.
  • Abraham Maslow

    Abraham Believed that human development is a process of meeting basics needs through life and you have to meet these needs before cognitive learning can occur. Some of the needs are food, shelter, saftey and love.
  • Urie Bronfenbrenner

    Urie believed that development is influenced by children and their environment. Which is where the ecological theory came from. Teachers and parents now are more aware of how different environments shape childrens lives in different ways.