Early 2000's Technology

Timeline created by crbartelt
  • 2000-Camera Phones

    2000-Camera Phones
    The first cell phones with cameras are being released and mass marketed.
    Most notably the J-Phone J-SH04
  • 2001-Xbox

    Microsoft releases their answer to PlayStation with Xbox. It allows players to listen to music, watch movies, and play games.
    This changed video games for everyone from the player to the creators. They finally had a different, new option with a lot more technology than the others.
  • 2002-Roomba

    The Roomba comes to life and becomes one of the first automated robots available for home use.
  • 2006-Nintendo Wii

    The Wii is released by Nintendo and sends everyone into a frenzy trying to get it. It was the first mass produced interactive video game console and was sold out for months.
  • 2007-Dropbox

    Dropbox is invented by Arash Ferdowsi and Drew Houston. It allows companies, schools, and people to share files with eachother through their program instead of getting stuck sending emails that are too large.