Dum Dum

By yiai1
  • John Phillips

    A Dum Dum Pop (or Dum Dum) is a sphere-shaped lollipop named by I.C. Bahr, a Sales Manager at the Akron Candy Company in Bellevue, Ohio, in 1924. In 1953 the Dum Dum Pop was purchased by the Spangler Candy Company and moved manufacturing to Bryan, Ohio. The founder of Dum Dums was John Phillips.
  • Period: to

    Dum Dum

  • 1953 flavor

    Lemon (original flavor, 1953–2000)
    Lime (original flavor, 1953–1991)
    Orange (original flavor, 1953–2000, 2010–)
    Coconut-Pineapple (original flavor, 1953–1970, 2005–2008)
    Cherry (original flavor, 1953–)
    Grape (original flavor, 1953–)
    Butterscotch (original flavor, 1953–)
    Root Beer (1953–1961, 1968–)
  • Strawberry

    They made the strawberry flavored Dum Dum in 1954 it taste very sweet when you eat them.
  • Chocolate

    Chocolate flavored Dum Dums were made in 1995 and were around for a long time.
  • Banana

    Banana flavored Dum Dum were made during the 1950 and stayed till 2008.
  • Raspberry

    Raspberry flavored Dum Dums were very sour and sweet and were around for a short time.
  • Flavors for 1968

    Vanilla Cinnamon Apple Raspberry Orange Swirl (1968–1969)
    Black Cherry (1968–1970)
    Cream Soda (1968–)
  • Pineapple

    The pineapple was made during the 1970 and stayed till 2002 andwas sweet.
  • watermelon

    The watermelon was made during 1982 and they still have them today!
  • Peach

    Peach were made in 1987 and they stayed till 2002 which is a very long time and it was a swee t kind of Dum Dum.
  • Sour Apple

    Sour Apple is made in 1997 and was very sour as in its name and had a tiniest touch of apple taste.
  • Blue Raspberry

    Blue Raspberry were made during 1995 and were sour a little bit and was sweet.
  • Flavors for 2001

    Orange Cream (2001–2002)
    Fruit Punch (2001–2002, 2011–)
    Buttered Popcorn (2001)
  • Flavor for 2002

    Bubble Gum (2002–)
    Cotton Candy (2002–)
  • Strawberry Shortcake

    The strawberry Shortcake was made in 2009 and they were gone in 20011 which is 2 years.
  • Dulce de Leche

    The Dulce De Leche was made during 2011 and they didn't stop making them .
  • 2008 Flavor

    Ashlynn Coconut (2008–2010)
    Tangerine (2008–2010)
    Mango (2008–)
    Banana Split (2008–2011)
  • Dum Dum

    They still make them and it will be at the store for Halloween or for fun.
  • Creamy Caramel

    The Creamy Caramel was made 2012 this year, but we don't when we would stop.
  • 2005 Flavors made

    Cherry Cola (2005–2009)
    Pink Lemonade (2005–2009)