By d3rival
  • Jonathan goas to dracula's Castle

    Jonathan goas to dracula's Castle
    This is were Jonathan is going to draculas castle to help this mysterias customer get a new house in London. On his gerney there he finds many people telling him not to go but he cant find why not so he keeps on his way. Once there he meets the count and finds him a little odd but he seems very interested in moving to london. Dracula seems to have much knoladge in many different fields coming off strange to jonathan. This is a key part because this introduces Dracula as being very swave.
  • Jonathan finds out Draculas Secret

    Jonathan finds out Draculas Secret
    In This event Jonathan has been speculating on how Dracula had been holding him prisoner in his castle but doesent know why. It was this part where jonathan found out that the count was not of this world and that he is not likely to let jonathan off alive. This is an important part to the story because it was here that the readers find that all jonathans speculations about the count in how he acted so odd and how strange that you find that it wasent jonathans mind.
  • Dracula gets into Whitby

    Dracula gets into Whitby
    This is the part of the story whair Dracula boards a boat and kills all the attendants on it and the ship finds its way into Whitby on a storm. This is important because it means that Dracula is moving closer to london and this is wair jonathans girlfriend Mina and her friend Lucy which plays an important role in the story. It is here were Dracula finds poor Lucie and beggins to prey on her for her blood. This is also ware many other important characters are introduced to the story.
  • Lucy's sleep walking

    Lucy's sleep walking
    This is another important event because this marks when lucy begins her sleepwalking. When Lucy sleepwalks you find out later in the book that this is when Dracula finds her and begins priving on her blood. This is a key event because you find later in the book that Lucy becomes very ill from her loss of blood and it is this that gets so many other characters including Van Helsing who reveals much to Mena and Arther Lucys husband.
  • Lucy gets ill

    This is were Lucy biggins to get her blood transfers from doctor Van Helsing and John Seward. Lucy was ill and was getting pale from Dracula taking her blood so this is were her health starts spiraling down hill. Van Helsing and John Seward try to get her up to health by giving there blood to her. Lucy plays an important part in the story because it shows the reader how Dracula prays on his victoms and how they finaly end up being one of him.
  • Mina finaly see's jonathan

  • Wolf escapes from Zoological Gardens

    Wolf escapes from Zoological Gardens
    In this part of the story the wolf escapes from the zoo and isents seen again. The care taker says how the wolves had been acting strange up to the point were the wolf escaped and he doesent know why. You find that Dracula has the ability to control animals and even take there shape so when the wolf broke out it tells how Dracula has to be using the wolves to help in finding people to take blood from them.
  • Lucy Dies

    This is when lucy passes away after all the struggle that Van Helsing and john did to try to keep her alive. When she died it is in my opinion the most important part of the book because this shows to the reader later the affects of being bitten by a vampire. These afects are the need for blood, being dead but being alive, being imortal and sleeping douring the day and eating or drinking douring the night. This is such an important part to the story because so many people loved lucy.
  • John and Arther find Lucy

    John and Arther find Lucy
    This is were Van Helsing takes John and Arther (Lucy's former husband) into the tomb at night were Lucy was placed after she died. It is here that Van Helsing proves that she to had turned into a vanpire and that she must be killed by Arther to make sure her soul rests. Its because it tells of what you become after you die after being bitten from a vampire. Its also important because they see her outside the tomb holding a child she had killed proving she wasent dead.