Dorothia Dix

Timeline created by killjoy123
  • Dorothea Dix birth date

  • she moved in with her grandmother

    because of her broken home of an abusive father and an alcoholic family. Dorotheas grandmother took her in.
  • Dorothea taught her first class

    Dorothea taught her first class if 16 children, ages 6-8
  • opened a school in boston

    after teaching for awhile dorothea dicided to make her own private school patrionized by the wealthy. she taught poor and neglected children at home.
  • illness

    when she got sick, dorothea was unable to teach for six years. but she wrote many childrens books.
  • esablished a school for girls in boston

  • dorothea goes to england

    when dorothea goes to england for health reasons she finds out about the mental insitiution reform movement
  • starts invesitigating mental institutoins in massachusetts

    after seeing the mental institution reform movement in England, she wants to see what she can do in America.
  • reports to the Massachusets legislature

    dorothea told the lagislature about the bad conditions of the mental hospitals and convinced them to pass a bill to expand the state's mental hospital.
  • lobbies other states

    she conitues her investigatoins in New Hampshire, Louisiana, Illinois, and North Carolina.
  • travels to Scottland

    After America, she investigated the abuses of the meantal institutions in Scottland, laeding to the formation of the Scottish Lunacy commission.
  • appointed superintendant of female nurses by the secretary of war

  • Dorothea Dix death