• Born date

    Born date
  • Period: to

    BOY HOOD !

  • Ideas And Ways of life .

    Ideas And Ways of life .
    In his teen some teachers spoke whit him and they win the fights against his fear to the world now he have great ways of think.
  • Hobby

    At this moments "blend" found some taste for the electromusic and he love go to the disco just for listen this beats!
  • A dream come true !

    A dream come true !
    in this year hes mother give to him a scholarship for dj studyes and music bases in a college close to his hause in usa.
  • Period: to

    A NEW WORLD ? :o

    In this months hes uncle toke him to the bars and the partys whit a lot of womens because there they had electro music.
  • all a PRO!

    all a PRO!
    in 2006 he graduated and began working in local bars.
  • FAMOUS !!

    FAMOUS !!
    in 2007 began to spread his fame through his touches.
  • Period: to

    Happy Peak.

    he decide to improve new sounds and beat to the tracks in the next years
  • Revelations!

    In 2008 was already recognized by many fans of the genre as one of the best.
  • Total succes.

    Total succes.
    Certainly a great Dj
    in 2010 reached its maximum being hired by the best clubs in the world.

    in 2011 in his short life and have money in AMAZING DROVES