Di ggp


  • GGP starts

    GGP starts
    DI starts public thread on GGP;
    Requests for Letters begin;
    Donations for complimentary gifts requested. Book costs already donated on on-set;
    OP Post edited to extend Letter deadline to the 21st of DEC;
    More brainstorming in thread and more gifts added to list;
    Pimping via PM's and posts in other forums.;
    Bookmark engraving messages options provided and voted on til Dec 2nd.
  • ~$550.00 raised

    ~$550.00 raised
    ~$550.00 donated (unknown if this total is with the book costs or if that fund is considered out of pocket)
  • GGP branches out

    GGP branches out
    GGP expands to Facebook, LJ, twitter, etc
  • New Thread; ~$700 raised

    New Thread; ~$700 raised
    New thread opened and alterations to the project provided as well as clarification posts.
    Addition to book format
    VI. Question and Answer Session (with the Fans)
    VII. Recognition/Achievement List
    VIII. Positive Quotes (from official sources)
    IX. Fan Extras (101 Reasons Why We Love..../ Poetry Section)
    No posts from forum members with suggestion of above ideas
    Letter deadline EXTENDED yet again to 18th of JAN due to lack of letters.
    ~$700 raised
  • Book Cover - 3rd Book

    Book Cover - 3rd Book
  • $1,000

    Over $1,000 raised
    Start of Question of the Day so that non-letter section of books are completed. Continue gathering quotes and stuff for other sections
  • Weekly goals established

    Weekly goals established
    Letter drive going badly; to compensate they post weekly goals of 15 letters per book
  • Bookmarks Ordered

    Bookmarks Ordered
    Engraved Bookmarks ordered - cost of $200
  • Gift Baskets Brainstormed

    Gift Baskets Brainstormed
    Idea for 4 gift baskets with international souvenirs mentioned
  • MORE Donations

    MORE Donations
    Donation thread started
    Request $600 more funds to cover extra costs including some money to donate to charity mentioned on @SV_Writer twitter AND 6 gift baskets
  • Bookmarks arrive

    Bookmarks arrive
    bookmarks arrive in mail; pictures posted
  • 100 Letters

    100 Letters
  • 150 Letters

    150 Letters
  • Charity

    Donation to charity emphasized
    Original "goal" was $500 but decide not to "limit" themselves after reading charity
    Posted only 15 people have funded in any capacity
    Donation matching brainstormed but no takers
  • Book Cover - Tom's

    Book Cover - Tom's
  • $10/100 Campaign

    $10/100 Campaign
    $10 charity campaign idea brought up
    $1,000 goal
    Prior to $10/100 ~ $140
  • Book Cover - Erica's

    Book Cover - Erica's
  • 225 Letters

    225 Letters
  • Charity Deadline moved; 20 donors

    Charity Deadline moved; 20 donors
    Donation deadline moved UP from Jan 25th to 21st to coincide with dinner
    $150 only
  • 260 Letters; 4/100

    260 Letters; 4/100
    260 letters;
    Souvenirs from England and Australia are in
    4/100 - $172
  • Book 3 - 100

    Book 3 - 100
    Over 100 Letters for Book 3 are in
    22 short
  • 19 short - 11/100

    19 short - 11/100
    Need 19 Letters
    11 donors in the $10/100 campaign - only 4 confirmed
    LESS than $500
  • 300

    France and Holland gifts in