Developing my main language since the day I was born: Spanish (Jayuya, PR)

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    Developing the English language.

    I was born in Jayuya, P.R. and started to developed my main language, which is Spanish.
  • My first step to elementary school at Nemesio R. Canales School in Jayuya, Puerto Rico

    Went to elementary school at Jayuya, Puerto Rico for the first time. Took Basic English Grammar for an hour a week. (1st to 5th grade). At the time did not speak or write any English.
  • Elementary School Graduation at Jayuya, Puerto Rico

    Graduated from Nemesio R. Canales School at Jayuya, Puerto Rico. Not able to speak or write in a fluent English language. Able to understand and write some English words .
  • Attended Middle School at Jayuya, Puerto Rico

    Attended Middle School at Jayuya, Puerto Rico (6th, 7th and 8th grades). Took a more advanced Grammar and Basic Conversational English for an hour a week. Learned basic written and spoken communication skills, mostly words and few phrases. As most students, I spoke and wrote mostly on Spanish. We used to do English assignments using a Spanish to English dictionary always.
  • Middle School Graduation

    Graduated from Middle School. My English knowledge was still limited at the moment.
  • Attended Josefina Leon Zayas High School at Jayuya, Puerto Rico

    (10th to 12th grades) Took a more advanced course for an hour a week together with non English speaking students, who tend not to speak or write any English; therefore I did not used to practice and the learning of this language was slow.
  • High School Graduation

    Graduated from High School, had some English language knowledge. No able to speak a fluent English. Able to write some English.
  • Moved to Bridgeport Connecticut.

    Moved to United States. Took ESL courses and a secretary course.
  • Worked as a secretary in a Mental Health Hospital at a Hispanic Unit Services

    Worked for the first time as a secretary at a Mental Health Hospital, Hispanic Unit. Spoke and wrote mostly in Spanish as we served Spanish speaking patients. Had to speak some English at the phone with some non Spanish speaking personnel and patients. I still considered myself an English language developer. Kept myself taking ESL courses throught my living in Conn., but i always had a big difficulty pronouncing the English language.
  • Moving back to Jayuya, Puerto Rico.

    Worded as a secretary in a lawyer's office,using written English sometimes on some legal documents. I often made used of a Spanish to English dictionary. Not practicing oral English often.
  • Metropolitan University at Jayuya, Puerto Rico

    At the University I took three English courses as concentration requirements, basic and advance grammar. Also an oral English course, where I practiced some written English comunication as well in class. We used the English language in order to complete the assignments and college work, but did not practice oral or written comunication as part or my daylife. It took me 6 years to complete my Bachellor Degree as an elementary educator. Graduated and I was Magna Cum Lauder graduated
  • Got my first job as a teacher in Monserrate Moreno School in Utuado, Puerto Rico.

    Started working as a Kindergarten educator in Utuado. I taught Science, Math, social Studies and Spanish. Rarely will make use of oral English language and writing. Used to translated some Spanish vocabulary into English at class.
  • Teaching Third Grade up until today, at Monserrate Moreno Shool in Utuado, Puerto Rico.

    Using oral English vocabulary words in the Spanish class. Often using a Spanish to English dictionary. Always asking the English teachers for help with the English pronounciation and writing long sentences and paragraphs. I enrolled lately on a Bilingual course in order to improve my written and oral English language and be able to teach my students. I still consider myself a developer English speaker, as i never was able to speak a very fluent language.