Desi Arnaz

  • A New Beginning

    A New Beginning
    Desiderio Alberto Arnaz y de Acha III was born in Cuba as the child of Dolores de Acha and Desiderio Alberto Arnaz Il.
  • A New Adventure

    A New Adventure
    Desi's family moved to Miami, Flordia after being forced out of their home due to the Cuban Revolution. Desi was seventeen years old when he became a United Stated citizen.
  • The Start of His Music Career

    The Start of His Music Career
    Desi was signed as a singer and guitar player by Xavier Cugat, the "king" of Latin dance music.
  • His First Broadway Show

    His First Broadway Show
    "Too Many Girls," a Broadway musical comedy first opened with Desi Arnaz as one of the important cast members.
  • When the Wedding Bells Rang

    When the Wedding Bells Rang
    After meeting Lucille Ball on set, they fell in love and soon married.
  • Their First Child

    Their First Child
    Desi and Lucy had their first child, a baby girl, named Lucie Arnaz.
  • "I Love Lucy" Premieres

    "I Love Lucy" Premieres
    "I Love Lucy" first premiered starring Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball. This well known comedy made Desi the first Hispanic television star in the U.S.
  • Desi's Pride and Joy

    Desi's Pride and Joy
    Desi Arnaz Jr., Desi and Lucille's second child was born.
  • Desi's Divorce

    Desi's Divorce
    Desi divorces his first love, Lucille, after both of their professions stressed their marriage too much.
  • His Second Marriage

    His Second Marriage
    Desi took Edith Hirsch's hand in marriage, making her his second wife, the marriage lasting until death did them part.
  • A Story Unfolds

    A Story Unfolds
    Desi's first autobiography, "A Book," was published making him a best-selling author. The book detailed all of the ups and downs in his life. His sequal, "Another Book," never made it past being outlined. He decided he liked "living life more than writing about it".
  • A Tragic Loss

    A Tragic Loss
    Edith Arnaz (Hirsch), Desi's second wife, died leaving behind her sadddened husband and family. After her death, Desi took on drinking again but Desi Jr. was able to help him stop before it got too serious.
  • His Last Day

    His Last Day
    Desi Arnaz passed away at his home in Del Mar after suffering from lung cancer for a couple of months. In his sixty-nine short years he created a lasting legacy, and his famous words, "Lucy, I'm home" will forever be remembered.