Decomposition Dig

  • Problem

    What are the decomposition rates of the different items?
  • Hypothesis

    Which of the eight items will decompose the most?
    I beleive the sun chips bag will decompose 80%.
  • Materials And Equipment

    Materials And Equipment
    Wooden Stakes, Shovel, Rebar Stakes, Caution Tape, Sledge Hammer.
  • Procedures

    Went outside, Cut off a section, Each group Had to dig their own hole.
  • Styrofoam-Week 1

    Styrofoam-Week 1
    Styrofoam is mostly uneconomical to recycle or otherwise process enviromentally unless in massive quantities, and can be lethal to any bird or sea creature that swallows significant quantities.
  • Weather Data

    Weather Data
    Baro Press-30.16 in.
  • Foil-Week 2

    Foil-Week 2
    Some aluminum foil can be recycled around 5%, many aluminum laminates are not recycled due to difficulties.
  • Weather Data

    Weather Data
    Temp-45 F
    Barro Meter-29.89
    Wind-13 mph SW
  • Sun Chips Bag-Week 3

    Sun Chips Bag-Week 3
    The Sun Chips compostable chip bag can compose 100%
  • Weather Data

    Weather Data
    Temp-48 F
    Wind-50 mph NW
    Barro Press-29.97
  • Regular Chip Bag-Week 4

    Regular Chip Bag-Week 4
    To fully decompose, it takes a regular chip bag around 14 weeks.
  • Weather Data

    Weather Data
  • Apple-Week 5

    Apple-Week 5
    It takes an Apple about 3 weeks to fully decompose. Apples decompose alot faster when they are cut open than if they were left whole.
  • Weather Data

    Weather Data
    Temp-47 F
    Barro Press-28.76
  • Newspaper-Week 6

    Newspaper-Week 6
    It takes newspaper about 2 or 3 weeks to fully decompose if it is warm and mopist. If it is cooler and drier it will take longer.
  • Weather Data

    Weather Data
    Temp- 77 F
    Dew Point- 57
    Humidity- 50
  • Cotton-Week 7

    Cotton-Week 7
    I dont think cotton can really decompose, but if it did it would probably take at leats 5 months or so.
  • Weather Data

    Weather Data
    Partly Cloudy
    Temp-94 F
  • Weather Data

    Weather Data
    Mostly sunny, breezy, and hot.
    Temp-33 C
  • Orange-Week 8

    Orange-Week 8
    It will take about 7 weeks for the orange to start decomposing.
  • Conclusion-Styrofoam

    The styrofoam looks lioke it decom posed about 80%
  • Conclusion-Foil

    To me the foil doesnt look like it decomposed.
  • Conclusion-Sun Chip Bag

    Conclusion-Sun Chip Bag
    The sun chip bag looks like it decomposed about 95%
  • Conclusion-Regular Chip Bag

    Conclusion-Regular Chip Bag
    The regular chip bag looks like it decomposed 5%
  • Conclusion-Apple

    The apple looks like it decomposed about 95%
  • Conclusion-Paper

    The paper looks like it decomposed about 85%
  • Conclusion-Cotton

    To me the cotton doesnt look like it decomposed.
  • Conclusion-Orange

    It looks like the orange decomposed about 87%