Declaration of Independence

  • Period: to

    Events leading to declaration of independence

  • French and Indian War

    This war solidified Britain's hold on to continent. This was important because other countries got involved.
  • Sugar Act

    A tax on sugar and other merchandise. This was important because it made colonist revolt.
  • Currency Act

    Currency Act was passed the year of banning the colonies from issuing paper bills or bills of credit because British money wasnt valued the same. This was important because now their money wasnt worth as much.
  • Restraining Act

    The Restraining Act suspends the New York legislature until the colony supplies and houses the British soldiers stationed there under the provisions of the Quartering Act. This was important because the legislature in New York was suspended
  • Townshend Act

    These taxes were created to help colonial officials become independent of the colonists by providing them with a good source of income. This was important because it gave colonist lots of goods.
  • Tea Act

    With the British controlling the Harbor this pulled in more taxes. This is important because British was getting more money out of it.
  • Boston Tea Party

    A group dumped a whold bunch of tea into the Boston Harbor. This is important because the british americans were against the Tea Act.
  • Intolerable Acts

    This placed many restrictions on the colonists including the closing of Boston Harbor. This was important because the Boston Harbor was needed.
  • The Quebec Act

    The Quebec Act passes Parliament granting Quebec large grants of land that the American Colonists considered theirs for settlement. This is important because Quebec got more land.
  • Establishment of Declaration of Independence

    The Declaration of Independence was established. It was important because it gave the 13 states their own independence.