decade of 1990-2000

  • Period: to

    Tattos and piercings

    In this decade, tattoos and piercings start to becoming famous.
  • Andrew Hurricane

    Between 16th and 28th August were a hurracane called Andrew. It affected Bahamas islands, Miami and south of Louisiana.
  • European Union

    The European Community became The European Union on the 31st of December 1993
  • Forrest Gump

    Forrest Gump is a film directed by Robert Zemeckis. Released in the U.S. on 6th of July 1994.
  • Backstreet Boys

    The boy band Backstreet Boys released their first album on 6th of May 1996. They became very famous.
  • My birth

    On Thursday 11th of September 1997 I was born.