Deborah Sampson Timeline by Ashtyn Howard

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    Deborah Sampson Timeline

  • Deborah is born

    Deborah is born!
  • Sent Away

    In Plympton, Massachusetts Deborah Sampson is sent away to Cousin Fuller's house. Deborah is five.
  • Mrs. Thatcher takes Deborah in

    Mrs. Thatcher takes Deborah in. Mrs. Thatcher lived in Middleborough and she was eighty-five years old. When Mrs. Thatcher grew ill, she was sent to live with relatives, leaving Deborah behind.
  • Deacon Thomas takes Deborah in

    Deborah was sent to live with Deacon Thomas and his family in the same town of Middleborough. Deborah was eight. Deborah made a deal with Deacon Thomas that if she did all the house work, he would give her a safe place to live
  • Deborah is ten

    Deborah is ten years old. In Boston, the people were angry. The King of England had sent over his redcoated soldiers to see if his rules were carried out.The Americans didn't want the soldiers there in the first place. And then they heard they would have to pay for the soldiers' expenses!
  • Deborah is thirteen

    Deborah was thirteen years old. Although the Americans loved to drink tea, they said they said they would not buy all of their tea from England because of the tea's tax. They wanted to be free to buy tea from any country they chose.
  • Deborah is fourteen

    The King punished the people of Boston. He said no ships could sail in or out of Boston until the tea was paid for. Eveyone worried that the people of Boston would starve. They thought of ways to help them. Some people planted extra corn to send to the hungry people of Boston. Deborah helped plant corn on the Thomas Farm.
  • Deborah is fifteen

    The trouble was getting worse. In many villages, people were getting ready for war.Groups of men and young boys began training to be soldiers. They were called minutemen because they were ready to fight in a minutes notice.
  • Deborah is sixteen

    Deborah is sixteen. A brave farmer from Virginia had been chosen to lead the American army. His name was George Washington. In the city of Philadelphia, an important paper was being read before the Congress. that paper was called the dewclaration of Independence.
  • The Declaration of Independence

    The people in Congress voted for the Declaration of
    Independence - they voted for the United States of Ameica.
  • Deborah is eighteen

    Deborah is eighteen. The war was long. The news was sad. So many times it seemed that the United States was losing the war.
  • Deborah is free!

    Deborah is free from working at Deacon Thomas' house!
  • The Americans won an important battle in Yoktown, Virginia

    The Americans won an important battle in Yorktown, Virginia. Deborah was twenty-one.
  • Deborah joined the army

    Deborah joined the army as a Continental Soldier for three years - if the war lasted that long.
  • General Paterson chose Deborah to be his personal orderly

    General Paterson chose Deborah to be his personal orderly. It was a high honor to serve him.
  • Dr. Binney found out that Robert Shurtliff was Deborah Sampson

    Dr. Binney found out that Robert Shurtliff was Deborah Sampson.
    After examining her, Dr. Binney found out that Deborah was a girl!
  • Deborah was discharged from the army

    Deborah was discharged from the army. She had been in the army for about a year and a half. When she left she was given an excellent record of sevice.
  • Date for soldiers to be sent to their families

    Date for soldiers to be sent to their families.
  • Deborah meets Benjamin Gannet

    That spring Deborah met Benjamin Gannet. Shortly after they met they were wed. It was almost two years from the day Deborah had signed up for the army.
  • Deborah starts teaching in a school

    Deborah starts teaching in a school nearby Sharon, Massachusetts. Deborah, her husband, and her three children lived in Sharon, Massachusetts at that time.
  • A passage of Deborah's Diary

    Here is a passage of Deborah's Diary:
    When I entered the hall, I must say I was much pleased at the appearance of the audience. It appeared from almost every face that they were full of unbelief - I mean in regard to my being the person that served in the Revolutionary War.
  • A record of the money Deborah had to pay out

    The other part of Deborah's Diary said this:
    "Albany, August 31, 1802:
    To old key keeper .............................. 2 00
    To Mr. Barber for printing ............. 3 00
    To Mr. Lester for finding candles .... 1 34
    To sweeping court house ......... 0 48
    For cleaning the candle sticks ......... 0 20
    For brushing the seats .................... 0 17
    For the brusing of my hair ............. 1 00
    To boarding ........................................ 6 00
    To washing ............................. 1 34
  • The Government voted to give money to the wounded people

    The Government voted to give money to the soldiers who had been wounded in the war. Deborah received her share.
  • The Government gives her more money

    Thirteen years later, the goverment gave her more money. She got $8 a month until she died on April 29, 1827 at the age of sixty-seven.
  • Deborah dies

    Deborah died at the age of sixty-seven. More than a hundred years after she died she wasn't forgotten. A warship was named after her. Today, in Sharon, Massachusetts, the house she lived in still stands. In nthe quiet cemetary, a marble tablet has been put up in her honor. Nearby, is Deborah Sampson Street, named for the darling young woman who looked for adventure - and found it.