Deborah Sampson by Kali Hurd

  • Deborah Sampson is born

    When she was born her mother was sick.
    So she went to live with her aunt.
  • Deborah was 5 yrs. old

    It was 10 yrs. before the Revolutionary War started.
  • Boston got in a fight

    Deborah was 10 yrs old and Boston got angry.
  • Boston Tea Party

    She was 13. They loved tea, but they said they wouldn't
    buy tea from England.
  • Deborah was 14

    She was 14 and people couldn't sail in or out of Boston.
  • War Was Starting

    She was 15 and people were getting ready for war.
  • Americans going to War

    Americans going to War
    The Americans were going to war and a person from Virginia
    lead the war.
  • Deborah was free

    Deborah was 18 and she was finally
  • America won

    She was 21 and the Amercans won but the war was not over.
  • She had courage

    Deborah was joining the war.
  • She was Appreciated

    She was Appreciated
    She was given an excellent record of service.
  • Deborah Moved On

    Deborah quit the army and became a teacher.
  • Deborah is Done

    After serving in the army she quit and got congratulated by the people of Boston.
  • Paid for Great Service

    The government voted to give money to soldiers that have been
    wounded badly.
  • The Death of Deborah Sampson

    The Death of Deborah Sampson
    After a while the people of Boston gave 8 dollars to Deborah
    and a few days later she died.