Death Penalty

  • The first recoreded execution in British American colonies was for Treason

    The first documented executed in the new colonies was for a far more serious offense. In the Jamestown colony of Virgina in 1608, Captain George Kendall was hanged for the captial offense of treason.
  • Pennsylvania limits crimes punishable by death to Treason and Murder

    Pennsylvania founder William Penn convened his first General Assembly at Chester, PA, on Dec. 4th 1682.
  • The death penatly used in all 13 U.S colonies at outbreak of American Revolution

    By start of American Revolution, the death penatly was used in all 13 colonies. Rhode Island was the ONLY conoly that did not have atleast 10 crimes punishable by death. The crimes that they consider punishable was robbery, murder, rape, horse-stealing, burglary. They were usually killed by hanging.
  • Founding Fathers allow for death penatly when writing constitution