Death Penalty

  • First person executed (AD)

    George Kendall was executed because he was caught spying.He was the first person being executed in Virginia.
  • The Code of Hammurabi (1700 BC)

    The Babylonians created a law code called the Code of Hammurabi.The Code of Hammurabi has 25 crimes that can be punished by death penalty. (Exact Date unknown)
  • An Italian Scholar argued against this Death Penalty issue

    An Italian Scholar named Cesare Beccaria argued against this issue that has been going on
  • Rhode Island abolishes Death Penalty

    Rhode island was the first to abolish Death Penalty but was soon reintroduced
  • Venezuela abolished Death Penalty completely

    Venezuela was the first to abolish Death Penalty completely because it was cruel to kill people just because they are guilty.
  • The First American executed by an electric chair

    William Kemmler was executed by an electric chair.They even tested a chair on a horse the day before the execution and the horse was completely electrocuted.
  • First person executed in Nevada

    Nevada executed Gee Jon by gassing.He was the first person being executed in Nevada.
  • All U.S states stopped executions

    All U.S states stopped executions while waiting the Supreme court ruling death penalty
  • Executions in the U.S resumed

    Executions resumes after it was allowed by the Supreme Court
  • First Person executed in the U.S after the executions resumed

    A murderer in Utah,Gary Gilmore,was the first american being executed after the execution resumed.
  • First person executed by lethal injection

    Charlie Brooks was the first person being executed by lethal injection.
  • Hong Kong abolished death penalty completely

  • The Supreme court announced that executions by lethal injection is cruel

    The supreme court announced that lethal injection execution is not cruel and child rape is not a capital crime and will not be punished by death penalty
  • Mexico abolished death penalty

  • Average of People Executed in The U.S

    The average of people being killed each year in the U.S was 197 people.