Deadly Tsunamis - Logan Matthews

  • 1755 Libson

    1755 Libson
    Magnitude 9, 20,000 people were killed. The tsunami had a height of 20 feet. Many churches and buildings crumbled with people inside.
  • 1883 Krakatoa

    1883 Krakatoa
    Had a magnitude of 6. 36,000 people died. The tsunami occurred 30 hours after the volcano erupted. Mangonui (in Northland) to Port Chalmers (South Island) were hit the hardest by the tsunami
  • 1946 Aleutians

    1946 Aleutians
    Had a magnitude of 8.1. Killed 160 people. The areas affected most were Alaska and Hawaii. Caused over $26 Million in damages
  • 1960 Chile

    1960 Chile
    Had a magnitude of 9.5. It killed 61 people. The waves ended up reaching Hawaii and Japan and that's where the deaths happened. The earthquake was the largest ever measured
  • 1964 Alaska

    1964 Alaska
    had a magnitude of 9.2. It killed 130 people. Caused $311 Million worth of damages. The tsunami reached California killing people there also.
  • 1993 Japan

    1993 Japan
    Magnitude 7.8 earthquake, killed 120 people. The earthquake happened in the sea of japan causing people to die from the tsunami in Okushiri. Lots of damage, especially fire occurred in the town.
  • 1998 New Guinea

    1998 New Guinea
    had a magnitude of 7.1, more than 2100 people died. The tsunami was produced by an earthquake-triggered submarine landslide.The tsunami was recorded at 49 feet.
  • 2004 Sumatra

    2004 Sumatra
    Had a magnitude of 9.1. 230,000 people were killed. It was caused by the vertical displacement of the seafloor and is the deadliest tsunami ever recorded.
  • 2009 Samoa

    2009 Samoa
    Magnitude 8.1, killed about 200 people. It was caused by an outer-rise earthquake. The tsunami was 15-20 feet high.
  • 2010 Chile

    2010 Chile
    Had a magnitude of 8.8, 700 people were killed. The earthquake lasted for over 3 minutes. Relief cost almost $30 Billion, which was 17% of the country's GDP
  • 2011 Japan

    2011 Japan
    Magnitude of 9.1, and killed over 20,000 people. It was the largest quake ever recorded in Japan, and cost over $360 Billion in damages.