Day1: Ramstein, Germany

  • Day1:Ramestien Germay and Berlin Germany

    8am-1pm: Begin driving to Berlin
    1pm-1:15pm:Stop for gas
    10/1 x 1/3.78= 10/ 3.78= 2.64liters
    1:15pm-1:45pm:Arrive in Berlin Germany
    1:45pm-7am:Stay overnight at the Etap Hotel
  • Day2:Berlin, Germany

    7am-9am: Go swimming in the Etap Hotel's pool
    9am-11am: Go eat at Burgermeister
    11am-3:30pm: Go watch The Dark Knight Rises
    3:30pm - 8:30pm: Go to the Etap Hotel to relax
    8:30pm-12:am: Watch Sportscenter
  • Day3: Thinking about Paris

    10am-10:15:Watch the Weather Channel
    27/1 x 3/1= 81/1=81f Low
    30/1 x 3/1= 90/1= 90f High
    10:15am- 10:30am: Get ready Tshirt and Shorts and light Jacket
    10:30am-1pm: Drive to the Berlin Wall
    1pm-7pm: Stay at the Berlin Wall
    7pm-10:30pm: Go to the workout room
    10:30pm-12:00am:Get ready for bed
  • Day4: Berlin few days Paris

    12pm-12:30pm: Start looking for hotels in Paris
    12:30pm- 2:30pm: Go eat at the Famous Dressler Resturant
    2:30pm-2:45pm: Go get Gas
    2:45pm-6pm: Go swimming at the Stadtbad Mitte Pool
    6pm-8pm:Workout at the Epat Hotel
    8pm-12am: Watch Sportscenter
    12am-10am: Sleep
  • Day5: Checking out of Hotel

    10am-12pm: Check out of Hotel
    12pm-3pm: Drive to Hamburg Airport
    3:30pm-6:30pm:Fly to Paris, France
    6:30pm-12am:Check in at the Paris France Hotel
  • Day6: First Day in Paris

    8am-6pm: Go to Disney Land
    6pm-8:30pm:Eat at Les Ombres
    8:30pm-12am: Get ready for bed
  • Day7: Paris, France

    6am-7am: Eat breakfest at The Paris France hotel
    7am-12pm: Go swimming in the hotel's pool
    12pm-1:30pm: Eat lunch at La Coupole
    1:30pm-5:30pm: Go to Groupe Arcade to play games
    5:30pm-8:30pm: Relax at The Paris France Hotel
  • Day8: Paris, France

    11am-12pm: Wake up and hit the weight room
    12pm-8pm: Visit the Eiffel Tower
    8pm-10pm: Go swimming in The Paris France Hotel's pool
    10pm-12am:Watch College Football
  • Day9: Paris, France

    10am-11am: Watch the weather channel
    Low 21x1.8+34=70f High 25x1.8+34=77f
    11am-11:15am: Begin getting ready to go ice skating at Sonja Henie Ice Skating Rink; Jacket and Pants
    11:30am-2:30pm: Ice skate at the Sonja Henie Ice Skating Rink
    2:45pm-3:30pm: Go work out at the hotel
    3:30pm-6:30pm: Go watch a movie at Le Champo Theatre
    6:30pm-7:30pm:Get Ice cream at Pozzetto
    7:30pm-12am: Go to the hotel to chill
  • Day10: Close to leaving Paris

    10am-12pm: Eat lunch at Cafe De Paris
    12:30pm-8:30pm: Visit the Carnvalet Museum
    8:30pm-10pm: Watch Sportscenter
    10pm-12pm: Sleep
  • Day11: Getting ready for Rome

    12pm-4pm: Begin Packing for Rome
    4pm-8pm: Go swimming in the hotel's pool
    8pm-10am: Sleep till leaving
  • Day12: Heading to Rome

    10am-10:30am:Check out of The Paris France Hotel
    10:30am - 11am: Head to the BA 107 Airport to Rome
    158cm/1x 1in/2.5cm=158/2.54=62in
    11am-6:30pm: Arrive in Rome, Italy
    6:30pm- 8:30pm: Check in at the Hotel Navona
    8:30pm-10am: Sleep till the next day
  • Day13:First day in Rome, Italy

    10am-11am:Eat Breakfest at Hotel Navona
    11am-7pm: Visit the Rome Colisiuem
    7pm-12am: Go to sleep
  • Day14: Rome, Italy

    1pm-3pm: Workout out in the Hotel Navona
    3pm-6:30pm: Go to The Place in Rome
    7pm-9pm: Go swimming in the Hotel Navona
    9pm-12am: Go to sleep
  • Day 15: Rome, Italy

    12pm-3pm: Go to the Hydromania
    3pm-5:30pm: Eat at Glass Hostaria
    5:30pm-7:30pm: Workout at Hotel Navona
    7:30pm-9:30pm: Go swimming in the hotel's pool
    9:30-12am: Watch tv
  • Day16: Getting ready to go back home

    12pm-1pm: Start looking for airports to go back home
    1pm-5:30pm: Go to the Pantheon
    5:30pm-7:30pm Eat at the hotel's buffet
    7:30pm-10:30pm: Watch tv
  • Day17: Leaving Rome

    2pm-3pm: Start packing for Berlin
    3pm-8pm: Go visit Zoo Marine
    8pm-9pm: Go swimming
    9pm-12am: Go to sleep
  • Day18: Berlin

    2am-3am: Check out of hotel
    3am-12pm: Fly back to Berlin
    12pm- 9pm: Celebrate your adventure back home