Danny Glover

  • Birth

    Danny Glover was born in San Francico.
    he was born into an some what poor famly.
  • 1st Challenge faced

    Danny was dyslexis every since he was born.
    Even though he was dyslexis he is an great actor.
  • 3th Fmaly and friend

    3th Fmaly and friend
    Teachers also helped Danny in schoool.
    they helped shaped him into the person
    he is to day.
  • 2nd challenge faced

    In school Danny aged faster and was ockwordly tall.
    He had one grilfriend
  • 1st Famly and friends

    Dannys parpnts were there for him no matter what.
    yet sadld they passed way
  • 1st Achievement

    1st Achievement
    Danny stared in 44 moves between 1979 and 2000.
    The most moves he did in one year is 5 moves!
  • 2nd Achivement

    2nd Achivement
    Danny won an Actor award. He was inducted
    into the black film makers Hall Of Fame
  • 3rd world history

    Danny Glover became the goodwill anbassador.
    When danny was yonger he was an activist role
    in his community.
  • History

    Iroq wanted a peace treted.
    Insted we actted them.
  • 2nd history

    2nd history
    Danny gives his statement about obama. He also seys nothing has changed scince George bush was our u.s president.
  • death

    Has not died yet!
    I beleve that he is still making moves,.
  • Famly and friends

    Danny wife helps souport him and their children.
    Danny has two kids a boy and girl.