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Damien of Molokai

  • DOB

    -Tremelo, Belgium
    -Born as Jozef De Veuster
    -the seventh child and fourth son of the Flemish corn merchant Joannes Franciscus ("Frans") De Veuster and his wife Anne-Catherine ("Cato") Wouters
  • Left school

    No exact date
    -went to family farm becaues he was needed
    -13 yrs
  • Congegration of Sacred Hearts and Mary

    -joined brother in Louvian, became a member of the congegration
    -20 yrs old
  • Became a Pipiscus Brother

    Became a Pipiscus Brother
    Made his religious profession choosing the name of Damien in his first vows (occured in paris).
  • Father Pamphile gets Ill

    -unknown day
    -In October 1863, Damien's brother, Father Pamphile, who had been assigned to the Sacred Hearts Mission in Hawaii, fell ill of typhus. Damien, not yet ordained, begged to be allowed to take his brother's place, for which permission was granted.
  • Arrived in Hawaii Islands

    Arrived in Hawaii Islands
    Damien landed at Honolulu Harbor in downtown Honolulu as a missionary.
  • Ordained to the priesthood

    at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace, a church established by his religious order.
  • Period: to

    Eight years in district of Kohala on the Island of Hawaii

    -unknown dates and months
    -Following ordination to the Priesthood on May 21, 1864, in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace in Honolulu, Damien spent the next eight years in the district of Kohala on the Island of Hawaii.
  • Act to prevent the spread of Leprosy

    -unknown month and day
    -In 1865, fearful of its spread, the Hawaiʻi Legislature passed and King Kamehameha V approved, the "Act to Prevent the Spread of Leprosy" which quarantined the lepers of the kingdom and moved them to settlement colonies known as Kalaupapa and Kalawao at the east end of the Kalaupapa peninsula on Molokaʻi
  • Wrote to father general

    -unknown day
    -In July 1872, Damien wrote to the Father General that many of his parishioners had been sent to the Leper Settlement on Molokai; he spoke of an “undeniable feeling that soon I shall join them.”
  • Arrived on Molokai

    -travelled with Bishop Maigret and a shipload of leppers to Molokai
    -leppers sent to rot and die. No attempts to cure or arrest disease. Outcasts, away from loved ones
    -Damien wrote“The Settlement absolutely has to have a priest.I believe it my duty to offer myself.I'm willing to devote my life to the leprosy victims.The sick are arriving by boatloads.They die in droves.I become a leper with lepers,in order to win them all for Jesus Christ.When I preach,I am in the habit of saying "We are lepers
  • Period: to

    Six chapels built

    Six chapels were built by 1875
    unknown day and month
  • Important letter to brother

    no exact day
    "I make myself a leper with the lepers to gain all to Jesus Christ" he said in his letter to his brother Auguste, revealing his true devotion to the leper colony.
  • Contracted leprosy

    -no exact date
    -preparing to bathe while accidentally put his foot in scalding water, felt nothing
    -realised he had contracted leprosy ... symptomps reduced when ate healthy foods and excercised
  • Damien's last trip to Honolulu

    -trip made to receive treatment from him.
    -Even when Damien discovered he was dying, he continued to work for the people of the colonies
  • bedridden from leprosy

    Couldnt continue with work so he was bedridden
  • renewed vows

  • Received Holy Viaticum

  • Received Extreme Unction

  • Death

    Died in Molokai, Hawaii
    After sixteen years caring for the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of those in the leper colony, he eventually contracted and died of the disease, and is widely considered a "martyr of charity".
    -8.00 am age 49
  • laid to rest

    -mass by Father Moellers at St. Phiomena's
    -whole settlement followed funeral cortage to the cemetary
    -laid t rest under same Panfanus tree where he first slept uponhis arrival on Molokai.
  • Informed people about death and renewal of vows

    he confessed about his dying condition and renewed his vows.
  • Body returned to Belgium

    -body returned to belgium, request of belgian government
    -body returned to his native land
    -now rests in Leuven, close to the village where Damien was born
  • declared venerable

    Pope Paul VI declared Damien to be venerable, the first of three steps that lead to sainthood. unkown date and month
  • Beatification and right hand

    by Pope John Paul II in Rome
    granted a memorial feast day celebrated on May 10
    -after beatified, right hand returned to original grave
  • titled "servant of humanity"

    On Pentecost Sunday, 1995,Pope John Paul II declared Father Damien among the "Blessed" and gave him the title "Servant of Humanity."
  • Evidence of sancity

  • Canonisation

    by Pope Benedict XVI on a Sunday