By ajitirj
  • Original Planned Date for D-Day

    Postponed due to bad weather. There was only 10 possible attempts each month, and a meeting was held on this day, in which a meteorologist team confirmed that the weather would be better by 6th June.
  • 00:00

    The operation was officially launched. Troops brought from air landed on the coast of Normandy.
  • 1:00

    The landed soldiers started cutting off enemy telephone lines and such.
  • 2:00

    Bombers take off, heading to their targets.
  • 3:09

    The Germans were only aware of the invasion at this time, when their radar detected their Allied enemies.
  • 5:20

    Sunrise, bombers had reached their targets and bombed them.
  • 6:30

    First ships start arriving, more troops come.
  • 11:10

    Utah section of the beach finally secured by Allies.
  • 13:00

    Omaha section of the beach was secured.