• Incident Day

    On July 14th, Jabre walked into the one stop convenient store to persue a robbery. He had no intentions on shooting or killing anyone. He robbed them at gunpoint but was only concerned with money. During the robbery, an innocent bystander was shot by the gunman upon enterting the store and starting Jabre
  • Period: to


  • Shaw found and jailed

    Shaw was found and arrested for his crime
  • Jabre jailed

    Jabre was found and arrested for his crime
  • Court Date

    Shaw and Jabre both have their first court hearing.
  • Testify

    Nika Washington and Montana both testified against Shaw and Jabre
  • Charges

    Shaw and Jabre are both charged with first degree murder and armed robbery.
  • Punishment

    Both Jabre and Shaw recieved 25 years in federal prison