Creation of American Government

Timeline created by isabellagould97
  • Start of Revolutionary War

    British and American troops met at Lexington and Concord declaring the official start to the Revolutionary War. This was caused by unease from how Americans were being treated resulting in an uprise with militia.
  • French Alliance

    France declares an alliance with General Washington, creating the first powerful alliance for Colonies. A huge step in creating America into the powerful country it is now by allowing other first world countries to take the colonies seriously. France declared they would defend against any English attacks and would not stop until America gained their independence.
  • Articles of Confederation Adopted

    Slowed down by fears of becoming Great Britain again, many feared the central control of a senate and possibility of land control. The states were left to their own free ruling mostly and senate was meant to be used only as last judgement, resulting in the first written constitution of America.
  • Preliminary Articles of Peace

    The first steps being made after the surrendering of Yorktown, agreed in the Article is France will regain their land back and the found United States will be allowed their independence but cannot go further than the Mississippi River.
  • Treaty of Paris 1783

    Officially ended the Revolutionary War
  • Washington Retires as Commander

    Washington wishes to go to normal civilian life after surviving the war. Many want him to become a king but he stands firmly in his beliefs to go separate from the British ways.
  • Annapolis Meeting

    Originally meant to have representatives of all thirteen colonies, the lacking attendance resulted in an agreement to meet in Philadelphia at the Constitutional Convention to strengthen national government.
  • Constitutional Convention

    50 representatives appear in Philadelphia to begin drafting the constitution.
  • Constitution Becomes Law

    New Hampshire ratifies the constitution becoming the ninth Andy final state needed to put the constitution into effect.
  • End of Constitutional Convention

    The end of the Convention resulted in the creation of the constitution. There were three main topics for discussion including, how the states would be controlled, how much power is given to the national government, and slavery.