Covid 19 timeline

Timeline created by TeddiKao
  • Wuhan seafood market closure

    Wuhan seafood market closes for precaution
  • Health screening announcement

    Health screening for all travellers from Wuhan from Jan 3
  • Health screening in Changi airport

    Travellers from Wuhan will undergo a health screening process
  • Symptomatic case

    66 year old Singaporean develops fever and cough
  • Suspect case detected

    A 66 year old man who returned from China on Jan 20, stayed with his family at shangri la's rasa sentosa resort & spa
  • Positive case for virus in Singapore

    1 case confirmed in Singapore, 66 year old man from Wuhan
  • Mask Distribution excercise

    4 masks per household are handed out by the government
  • Patient discharged from hospital, 4 local cases

    1 patient is discharged from hospital, 4 local cases
  • Condition worsens for 2 patients

    Condition worsens for 2 patients, 1 in ICU
  • 71 year old confirmed with virus

    3 new cases, 1 is a 71 year old man
  • 75 year old tests positive for virus

    1 new case in Singapore, a 75 year old woman
  • Another old age person test positive for Covid 19

    72 year old tests positive for Covid 19
  • New cluster identified

    SAFRA Jurong cluster identified
  • Record number in cases

    Jump in cases with 13 new cases
  • New precautionary measure announced

    Social distancing announced
  • New daily record of cases

    47 new cases confirmed, new daily high
  • 2 deaths in Singapore from Covid 19

    A 75 year old Singaporean woman and a 64 year old Indonesian man died from Covid 19
  • Short term pass holders banned

    All short term past holders are banned from entering Singapore
  • New daily high of discharged patients

    Highest amount of patients discharged, 12 patients discharged
  • Third death from Covid 19

    A 70 year old died from Covid 19
  • Drop in imported cases but local cases rise

    47 new cases in Singapore, 16 imported, 13 linked, 18 unlinked
  • Record number in cases 2

    74 new cases announced, a record
  • 4th death from Covid 19

    A 68 year old man know as Case 476 died from Covid 19
  • 5th death from Covid 19

    A 86 year old woman died from Covid 19, she is case 987 and stayed in hospital for 4 days and died at 1:55 a.m.
  • 6th death from Covid 19

    And 88 year old man died from Covid 19 at 5.41 a.m., stayed in hospital for 6 days and is case 855
  • Daily high of cases

    120 New cases announced
  • Circuit breaker

    Circuit breaker starts
  • No imported cases

    First day with no imported cases
  • 7th death from Covid 19

    A 86 year old woman died on Apr 9 night, she stayed in hospital for 8 days and was Case 987
  • Mandatory to wear a mask

    People steeping out of the house has to wear a mask
  • Daily high of new cases

    1,426 new cases, the highest of any other day
  • Period: to

    Circuit breaker

    Circuit breaker starts