Mr.mustash is count zeplin

Count Zeppelin

By ihes61
  • when he was born

    when he was born
    He was born July 8 1838, Berlin Germany. He had 1 brother and 1 sister.
  • When he joined the army.

    When he joined the army.
    At this time he came up with the army.
  • Civil war

    Civil war
    He lived threw the civil war.
  • Civil war ends

  • When he was marred

    He marred Isabella Freiin von Wolff.
  • The airplane was inventid

    The airplane was inventid
    Back then the zeppelin was still more popular than the airplain
  • Zeppelin launch!

    Count zeppelin made a 24 hour flight on the first zeppelin
  • World War One

    World War One
    He died 3 years after World War One.
  • The zeppelin bombing

    The zeppelin bombing
    The Germans bombed England in WW1
  • When he died

    He died on march 8 1917, Berlin Germany.
  • The Hindenburg's first flight!

    The Hindenburg's first flight!
    The Hindenburg was a great susses until it exploded.
  • The Hindenburg exploded

    The Hindenburg exploded
    Very few people survived, the survivors where badly injured or burned.