Connecticut's Important Events

By demia
  • Connectiuct Is Discovered

    Connectiuct Is Discovered
    Adriaen Block, is the first European to discover the area.
  • Connecticut And New Haven

    Connecticut And New Haven
    Connecticut colony and New Haven coloney became one colony.
  • Nathan Hale

    Nathan Hale
    The british hang Nathan Hale as a spy.
  • Connecticut's Copromise

    Connecticut's Copromise
    The Conecticut copromise is adopted.
  • Connecticut's Statehood

    Connecticut's Statehood
    Connecticut becomes the 5th state.
  • No More Slavery

    No More Slavery
    Salvery ends in Connecticut.
  • The Naugatuck Valley Flood

    The Naugatuck Valley Flood
    The flood hits the Naugatuck Valley.
  • First Woman State Governer

    First Woman State Governer
    Ella Grasso becomes the first woman to be elected as state governor.
  • First State Income Tax

    First State Income Tax
    Connecticut adopts its first state income tax to balance its state’s budget.
  • Mayor Of Hartford

    Mayor Of Hartford
    African American Thirman Milner is elected mayor of Hartford.