Computer history in the 2000s

By tom2121
  • Camera phone

    Camera phone
    With an in-built camera at the back, the phone is considered the first of its kind in the world. The J-SH04 had a modest 110,000-pixel camera, which may not seem much now, but it was probably the most advanced technology 20 years ago.
  • Blu-ray disc

    Blu-ray disc
    A Blu-ray disc is an optical disc designed for storing high-definition video and data. In terms of memory and storage capacity, Blu-ray discs are a big leap forward from CDs and DVDs. Blu-ray technology involves the use of a blue laser to read and write data to a disc.
  • BlackBerry 7290

    BlackBerry 7290
    The BlackBerry was known to be one of the 7000 series smartphones, this model was the first to have color, modified keys, Bluetooth.
  • Wii

    Nintendo released a new, innovative gaming console, the Wii. To compete with other major popular gaming consoles such as the PlayStation and the Xbox, the Wii brought a twist to gaming: it allowed players to get physically involved in their virtual games. From tennis to Mario Kart, the Wii was popular even among people who don't think of themselves as gamers and sold more than 101 million units.
  • iPhone

    This was a big step for the future of the modern smartphone. The screen was touched but not all fully touch screen. When it hit the market it sold 270,000 in the first 30hours it dropped.