Computer History

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  • Z1 invented

    The Z1, the first programmable computer, was a key structure in computers still, though it was lacking much.
  • Colossus Invented

    Colossus Invented
    The Colossus was the first freely programmable computer, far surpassing the Z1.
  • Transistor Invented

    Transistor Invented
    The Transistor was invented on this date. The Transistor remains to this day a very important part of computers.
  • First Commercial Computer

    The Z4, invented by Konrad Zuse, was the first computer to be sold to others. It was yet another breakthrough, as now anyone with enough money could have their own computer.
  • First Language

    While people are using their computers, IBM makes a thing called a programming language. It makes creating software so much easier, that people now wonder how others coded without it!
  • First Game

    First Game
    While ASCII and Text-Based games were already popular, Spacewar! is the first true video game.
  • First Mouse

    First Mouse
    The first mouse allowed for much expansion, though it did look shoddy (as seen in the picture). Apple was credited with making it, though truly, Douglas Inglebart was the first creator.
  • First Home Computer

    First Home Computer
    The first home computer was made, and at this point, many more people were able to afford a computer, meaning that 1982 is the true beginning of the Information Age.
  • Windows Invented

    Windows Invented
    Windows was invented, meaning Apple quickly halted as the leader in computers.
  • First EMail Virus

    While the internet was a great place at this time, some people had grudges, or just didn't like the internet, or maybe they even just like trolling others. They began chain E-Mailing others links to virus-infested pages, or attachments that give you viruses.
  • Google Invented

    Google Invented
    Google was invented in 1997, making it the #1 resource for searching on the internet. It is one of the oldest Websites that still remains up-to-date.
  • Facebook Invented

    Facebook Invented
    Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook in 2004, marking it as the most popular social website to date, with games and many features other sites lacked.
  • YouTube Invented

    YouTube Invented
    YouTube was invented from the back of two young bachelor's garage, and is now the most popular video website to date.
  • First Robotic Surgery

    First Robotic Surgery
    On the year 2010, the first 100% robotic surgery was performed by the robot seen in the picture to the left. It was a dangerous thing, as one error could do much damage.