The Cold War - HWS - Period 3

  • Potsdam Conference

    The “big three” had a last conference to end WWII. They wanted peace in the european countries, in order to do so they must end WWII so the countries can rebuild and give the countries the living conditions. The meetings took place from july 17 - august 2 1945. Truman told Stalin about the atom bomb. The meeting got people to think about their country's safety, security, and welfare.
  • Nato/Warsaw Pact

    This was a treaty to make sure countries weren’t invaded by other countries. The Soviet Union took over the western countries, this made the eastern countries nervous so they signed a pact for protection it was signed on May 14 1955, this was dissolved on July 1 1991. When Nato leaders withdrew this ended the cold war. This pact put troops into countries, it armed countries and it scared countries due to the cold war.
  • Korean War

    After WWII ended, the Soviet Union took over north and the U.S took over South. North and South Korea in 1948. This caused the Korean war on June 25, 1950 when the North Koreans, which supported the soviets, attacked southward across the 38th parallel. This caused many deaths of Koreans, Chinese that later joined the battle, and even Americans. Korea remained divided into the 21st century.
  • Vietnam War

    It started in the year 1955. The North wanted communism and the south didn’t. This was a civil war between the north and the south for political and economical dominance. The north was trying to bring the whole of vietnam under communism. The north won and the whole country became communist and the new capital became Hano.
  • Suez Crisis

    Israeli brigades invade along with Egypt (plus an Important man named Nasser) and advance along the Suez canal on October 24, 1956. This happened because earlier America and Britain decided not to aid egypt’s construction of the aswan dam earlier in July 26. Britain and France demanded that troops withdrew from the canal. There is fighting and Nasser along with Egypt emerges victorious and it treated as a hero, Britain and France loses influence through the middle east.
  • Sputnik/Space race

    On October 4, 1957, Soviet Russia had launched the very first satellite into space. This caused the U.S to fear that Russian weapons and tech were way more advanced because the U.S at this point in time had never been able to do something as advanced as this. After word got out everyone saw Soviet Russia as advanced and superior technology wise. To show dominance the U.S and Russia then competed to show off their advancements in weapons and space work. The winner would be Dominate
  • Cuban Rovolution & Missile Crisis

    In the year 1962 on October 22 the Cuban leader Fidel Castro had partnered with the Soviets and missiles were being installed on the island. The nuclear bombs that were being installed were only just 90 miles away from the U.S shores. They were being put here in order to ensure security from the U.S and the only way they were coming out was if the U.S made an agreement to not invade Cuba. This caused the U.S to prepare and make agreements with countries prevented wars.
  • Glasnost/Perestroika

    Glasnost= “Openness” In the late 1980’s the Soviets were democratizing their political system and wanted more individual freedom of expression. Perestroika= “reconstructing” In the mid 1980’s the Soviets were trying to restructure their economic policy and bring them self up to par with other capitalist countries. They wanted to make the Soviet Union up to par with other big time capitalist countries and let their people have more freedom.