Timeline created by Antonio M. H.
  • -776 BCE

    First message

    The first message was sent via carrier pigeon in 776 bce for the results of the olympiad
  • -200 BCE


    Between 200 to 100 bce humans delivered messages by foot or horseback
  • 1041

    First printing press

    Chinese create the first printing press
  • 1436

    The better printing press

    The better printing press
    Johannes gutenberg created a better metal printing press
  • The first camera

    The first camera
    He took the first photograph with this camera
  • telegraph

    The first telegraph was made by Joseph Henry and Edward Davey
  • Morse's telegraph

    Morse's telegraph
    Morse made a telegraph that could send signals farther and it had a code which was called morse code
  • The telephone

    The telephone
    The first telephone was created by Alexander Graham Belle
  • The answering machine

    The answering machine
    The answering machine was technically created by Valdemar Poulsen and was called the telegraphone and was able to play back recordings
  • Period:
    -776 BCE