collapse of the soviet union

  • Creation of Russia

    Creation of Russia
    The Soviet Union breaks into 15 independent republics with Russia being the largest.
  • Soviets Invade Afganistan

    n 1979 the Soviets invade Afganistan. Ten years later, Soviets withdraw with defeat.
  • Soviet Unions leader, Leonid Brezhnev, dies

    The former leader of the Soviet Union dies. reformers in the country begin to make political and economical changes.
  • gorbachev, glasnost and perestroika.

    gorbachev becomes the leader of the soviet union. he introduces the program glasnots and perestroika to help rebuilt the soviet union's economy.
  • two activists are releasted form prision

    gorbachev released the two achtivists who had been imprisioned for denouncing the inivation of afganistan.
  • Congres of People's Deputies allows privat Ownership

    Soviet Union allows privat ownership of buisness. The Congress of People's Deputies replaces the old Supreme Soviet.
  • Boris Yeltin quits comunist party.

    Boris Yeltin becomes the President of the Russian Republic. He surprises everyone by quiting the comunist party.
  • Soviet Union is no more.

    A group of hard-line communist had a failed coup. Yeltin defends Gorbachev. A new alliance is made to replace the Soviet Union. Gorbachev resigns on Christmas. The Soviet Union is no more.