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Collaps of the Hyatt Regency

By DanDnaz
  • Design Begins

    Design begins in early 1976 on the Kansas City Hyatt Regency.
  • Period: to

    Collapse of the Hyatt Regency

  • Construction Begins

    Construction begins in the Spring of 1978.
  • Atrium Roof Collapses

    About 2,700 square feet of the roof collapses, with no injuries, during construction. While this failure is determined as a construction defect, the Structural Engineer discovers that the roof had design issues that had to be addressed. An outside Engineer concluded the same.
  • Owner/Architect Assured of Building Safety by Engineer

    Structural Engineer claims to have reviewed the entire structural system and assures the Owner and Architect that there are no other design defects.
  • Hyatt Opens

  • Skywalk Collapse

    Skywalk collapses at 7:05 PM local time while a Big Band dance constest was being held, killing 114 and injuring 216 people.
  • Engineers Registrations Revoked

    The Professional Registrations of Jack Gillum, owner of the Structural Engineering firm, and Daniel Duncan, the Project Engineer, ending their practice and careers.