Cold War to Present

Timeline created by Shaun Murray
In History
  • Jackie Robinson

    Jackie Robinson
    Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play in the Major Baseball League. Robinson was selected by Branch Rickey, to play for the MLB. Jackie was born in Georgia and moved to California to go to high school. Jackie Robinson was selected in 1947 to play. This was the first time that a black man had played in a professional baseball league. Jackie Robinson effected society because when he was chosen he gave African Americans, and others, courage and hope for the future.
  • Berlin Wall

    Berlin Wall
    This event took place in the capital city of Germany called Berlin. The Soviet Union was embarrassed that people were leaving their side of the city that suddenly, on August 1961, East Germans were ordered to start building a wall made of concrete wall and barbed wire all across Berlin. It affected politics because the wall separated the communistic side of the city and the democratic side.
  • Man on the Moon

    Man on the Moon
    On July 20, 1969, at 4:17 pm, Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins piloted Apollo 11 to the moon. Approximately 500 million people were watching the rocket take off. Niel Armstrong became known as the first person to ever walk on the moon. It is important to history because the United States beat The Soviet Union to the moon. It impacted politics because the Soviet Union and the United States were racing to the moon.
  • Kent State Massacre

    Kent State Massacre
    An Ohio school was involved in this event. Students of Kent State protested against Nixon's pledge to send troops to Cambodia. Warm temperatures led to thousands of students protesting. This event took place in Ohio on May 4, 1970. This event was important to history because 4 students were killed and 9 were wounded by the national guard. The Kent State Massacre impacted American society because young adults were killed for expressing their opinion.
  • Nixon/Watergate

    Richard Nixon was involved in the event. Watergate was a scandal that took place in Washington D.C. on June 17, 1972. This event was important to history because Richard Nixon later resigned from office making him the first-ever president to do so. It impacted American politics because it was involved with the president of the United States and Nixon was put on trial.
  • Jimmy Carter

    Jimmy Carter
    Jimmy Carter was president from 1976-1980. He was apart of the democratic party. Before he became president he was the governor of Georgia. He was president during the Olympic boycott of 1980. He was an important president because he passed the social security act. Jimmy Carter impacted politics because he signed the Helenski Agreement.
  • George W. Bush

    George W. Bush
    George Bush was president from 2000-2008. He was apart of the Republican party. Bush was previously the Governor of Texas. The event was important to American history because he was president during 9/11. This event affected politics because he was the president of the United States.
  • Barack Obama's inauguration

    Barack Obama's inauguration
    Barack Obama was the one involved in the event. He was the first African American president and it was watched all over the world. Took place in Washington D.C. on Tuesday, January 20th, 2009. This event was important to history because Obama was the first ever African American president. It impacted American society because many people were surprised that he was elected.