Cold War to Present

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  • United Nations

    United Nations
    The United Nations is a peace keeping organization. The headquarters is held in New York. This organization was made in 1945. This organization solved disputes, solve disease & hunger problems, improve education, and provide vaccines. The six major bodies are general assembly 193 countries vote, Economic & social council, International Court of Justice, Trusteeship, Secratriatthe leader of United Nations is Ban Ki-Moon, and the Security Council: stops war/vetos. The United Nations impact is war.
  • Baby Boom

    Baby Boom
    From the years 1945 to 1954 was the "birthrate" in the United States event that increased tremendously. It grew to 29 million from 9 million. This made up for lost time during the Great Depression and WWII. At this time it was too expensive or too difficult to raise children in the 1920's to WWII. This caused because Better health care during 1940 to 1950. Impact was on social people.
  • Truman Doctrine

    Truman Doctrine
    $400 million in military aid for Greece and Turkey to stop communism from spreading there in march 1947. Marshal Plan-George Marshal gave 12 billion to rebuild Western Europe in April 1948. The impact was that the countries in Western Europe were able to rebuild and be big as they are today.
  • JFK's Assassination

    JFK's Assassination
    John F. Kennedy was assassinated on Friday, November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas. He was in a parade with a topless car. And then was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald out of a book store window with a sniper rifle. He hit Kennedy in the back of his head and in his jaw. This caused him to slouch and lay in his wife's lap. JFK died later at 2:05pm in a hospital that is still around today. His funeral was held on his sons third birthday.
  • Medicare/Medicaid

    Medicare was started by President Lyndon Johnson in 1966. Medicare covers about half of the health care charges. Impact: Because older adults paid more than three times as much for health insurances as younger people. Medicaid was set up by Social Security Administration in 1965. State governments got money to help low income people of all ages with medical bills. Importance: Largest source of funding for people with low income. Impact: Benefits vary from state to state.
  • MLK Assassination

    MLK Assassination
    James Earl Ray shot Dr.King with a Remington Game Master Rifle. Dr. King was hit in the side of his jaw and it severed his spinal cord and died at 7:05pm. Ray was captured in London two months later. James Earl Ray shot Martin Luther King Jr. to silence him from continuing his civil rights movement. In 1986 January 15th was made a holiday as it is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's birthday. This assassination had a gigantic impact on the civil rights movement.
  • Jackie Robinson

    Jackie Robinson
    Jackie was born in Georgia. He was 1 year old when his dad and some other family members left Jackie and his mom. Later on he moved to California. He went to UCLA and played 4 sports in college. He was a 2nd Lieutenant during WWII.He played for Negro Leagues during the segregated times. Then he got noticed by the MLB. Then he played for the Brooklyn Dogers. Which is now the Los Angeles Dogers. Jackie Robinson became the first African American player in the MLB in 1947. He died in 1972.
  • Generald Ford

    Generald Ford
    Generald Ford was president from 1974 -1976. He was a Republican. He was a Michigan Congressmen for 25 years. His big event or his impact was that he pardoned Richard Nixon. He started trade with the soviet union. Also he was part of JFK's assassination. He was a model before presidency. Two people tried to assassinate Ford.
  • Ronald Reagan

    Ronald Reagan
    Reagan was a Republican. He was also known as the governor of California and for being a movie star. He made a big Impact in his president term and it was that he cut taxes. Some other events that happened in his president term are the USSR summits, cut money in education, and there was a failed assassination attempt on Reagan.
  • George W. Bush

    George W. Bush
    President Bush was a Republican. Just like his father. He was the governor of Texas which helped him in politics. The big impact during his President term was September eleventh. Another event that happened in his term was the " no child left behind" program.
  • Financial Crisis 2008

    Financial Crisis 2008
    The who in this is the financial sector (wall street). In 2008 the world economy faced its most dangerous crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930. Banks, trusting no one to pay them back, stopped making the loans. The why is it began with mortgage dealers who issued mortgages with borrowers couldn't pay so they went into foreclosure. The impact was deep recession had taken over most. Also the U.S. lost nearly two million jobs.