Cold War Timeline

  • Truman Doctorine

    Truman Doctorine
    The US decides to provide political military and enonomic help to all democratic nations under threat.
  • Marshall Plan

    Marshall Plan
    Was a plan to rebuid eurpoe and avoid another depression
  • Berlin Blockade Start

    Berlin Blockade Start
    Power and food was cut for East Berlin
  • Berlin Blockade End

    Berlin Blockade End
    Power was put back on for East Berlin
  • NATO Created

    NATO Created
    NATO was a military allience of western democratic countriess to defend communism.
  • USSR Drops Bomb

    USSR Drops Bomb
    The USSR drops their first atomic bomb.
  • Joseph McCarthy

    Joseph McCarthy claimed 205 communists were in the US goverment
  • First Satilite

    First Satilite
    The USSR lauches the first satilite nick named Sputnik.
  • Berlin Wall Put Up

    Berlin Wall Put Up
    People in Berlin put up a wall to split the country
  • Berlin Wall Knocked Down

    Berlin Wall Knocked Down
    The Wall iss officaly knocked down and the country is united