cold war timeline

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  • germany was ruined

    germany was ruined
    when war ended in may 1945 ,germany was ruined and had no functioning government.victorious allies needed to establish system to govern germany and rebuild its nation
  • Fight Over Eastern Europe

    Fight Over Eastern Europe
    at potsdam conference in summer of 1945 both sides argued over eastern europe .which bordered the soviet union and occupied by soviet forces. soviet union was invaded by germany during both world war's.soviet leaders thought they needed a buffer zone of governments of eastern europe to guard against another attack
  • stalin believe of future war

    stalin believe of future war
    stalin publicly stated that he believed war between the east and west will happen in the future.british leader winston churchill gave a speech in united states using image of iron curtain
  • truman doctrine

    truman doctrine
    truman doctrine was a pledge to provide economic and military aid to oppose spread of communism. US congress agreed to send hundreds of million of dollars in aid to greece and turkey.
  • marshall plan

    marshall plan
    US government launched a massive program of economic aid.marshall plan was named after US secretary of state george marshall provided 11113$million for rebuilding europe
  • independent democratic german nation

    independent democratic german nation
    in 1947 western leaders started planning the creation of an independent democratic german nation .that will be formed by the cratic german nation.they also planned to establish a democratic government in west berlin deep in soviet union
  • nuremberg trials

    nuremberg trials
    nuremberg trials were held in nuremberg in germany between 1945 and 1949. more then two hundred nazi and military officials were tried by allied military courts. most of thoughs who had roles in the holocaust and in other war cast were sentence to death.
  • berlin airlift success

    berlin airlift success
    berlin airlift was a success and soviet union called of blockage of berlin in may airlift was a massive effort to supply west berlin by air.
  • north korea attack

    north korea attack
    north korea attacked south korea on june 1950. north korea goal was to put both countries together under a communist government
  • warsaw pact

    warsaw pact
    nato was designed to counter soviet power in 1955 soviet union and communist nations of eastern europe made their own alliances known ass warsaw pact.