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Cold War Era

  • Period: to

    Cold War

  • Berlin Airlift

    Berlin Airlift
    -It brought in food, coal, petroleum, and other supplies to more than 2 million people in West Berlin -Saved West Berliners from starvation, -the planes flew in more than 2 million tons (1.8 million metric tons) of goods
  • Communists take over China

    Communists take over China
    -Mao Zedong set up the People's Republic of China. -By December, the communists had driven all of Chiangs forces from the Chinese mainland -China and Soviet Union controlled almost one quarter of the Earths surface.
  • Korean War

    Korean War
    • Whentroops from Communist-ruled North Korea invaded South Korea. called the invasion a violation of international peace.
    -The Korean War ended on July 27, 1953 -Sixteen UN countries sent troops to help the South Koreans, and 41 countries sent military equipment or food and other supplies -The United States provided about 90 percent of the troops military equipment, and supplies that were sent to South Korea. -China fought on the side of North Korea, and the Soviet Union gave military equ
  • Berlin Wall

    Berlin Wall
    The Berlin Wall is 26 miles long. -192 People died -It was destroyed during the year (Oct. 3, 1990)
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Cuban Missile Crisis
    -the Soviet Union had secretly installed missiles in Cuba, about 90 miles (140 kilometers) from Florida. -President John F. Kennedy of the United States learned of the missiles' presence on October 16. He demanded that the Soviet Union remove them -Cuban missile crisis was a period in October 1962 when the United States and the Soviet Union teetered on the brink of war